Random Descriptions

Because why not?


1. Sky...

A feeling of superiority and ecstasy overwhelmed my senses as I gazed despondently at the cloudy blue sky. Almost blindingly, the burning sun greeted my eyes as the elegant wisps of white continued to aimlessly wonder. For an endless moment, the sun seemed to rule over its empire of silvery, beautiful innocence. Wisps of Smokey clouds lay suspended in the path of the intense being which burned and ignited the incredible sky for all to see and admire. Vibrant orange sunlight poured through the gaps in the soft blanket of the graceful vapours which hung in the air like puppets on thin threads. Oddly, the luxurious aroma of freshly cut roses lay in the air. Not real roses but the type usually associated with cheap perfume and other low-cost makeup items in which the flower was used.

The sky seemed to temporarily disappear as we tore our way into the pristine white tunnel leading to innocence and heaven. Only the sigh of a tired engine reassured me that what lay in front of me, only separated by chunks of smooth metal and thick plastic, was genuine. I shivered, not because of the temperature at this height, but at how sophisticated and vivid the world looked. Each tiny speck had a life and maybe even a family and yet they seemed so puny and fragile.

A moment later, a sole layer of grey feathers hid the insignificant world beneath me from my curious vision as we continued to glide forwards at unparalleled speeds. The slight glint on the window reflected my wonder and appreciation of the mystic scene which lay before my jetlagged eyes. The yellow rays of solid light danced before my disbelieving eyes; like a spiders web, crossing and weaving to try and create one unstoppable force.

It was as if the different shades of blue represented life or life as most clichéd movies see it; the blackest night leading into the brightest day. They seemed to flow into each other only to be cushioned by the lightest of fluff. They lingered for an endless few seconds before skating on over the vast sky. As several dissipated, I could almost feel the moisture on my tongue.  For a brief moment, tranquillity reigned over life itself.

Pure unblemished glory…


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