Random Descriptions

Because why not?


2. Night...

Mystically swaying in the still night, the trees elegantly danced beneath the pure beauty they lay dejectedly beneath. The speckled sky was littered with tiny shreds of enchanting glitter which trailed along the darkness. Various sizes and incredible shapes made the sight one to behold and treasure. Glinting, sparkling, and shining in the night like a torch in the dark; like hope through life. A single sequin which hung in the sky was glowing like the embers after a fire had been extinguished. Barely, dents and craters could be seen from the surface of our planet, so far away…

A cloud of grey mist rapidly spread over the sky, hiding the marvelous image from my sight.  As it glided over, the pale grey sphere seemed to dominate my view of the spectacular night. Cold breezes elegantly swept past me as I considered my life for a moment. A sense of clarity and floods of thoughts overwhelmed me as I stole a deep breath. Bathed in the cold glow of moonlight, everything was calm.

The blanket of dark emeralds cushioned me as I lay back in satisfaction. I felt a slight smile crawl across my face as time continued to slowly pass. Moments this beautiful were not to be rushed or wasted. A feeling of superiority and pure disbelief overwhelmed my senses as the picturesque scene lay before me in all its brilliance.

The quite hum of a nearby road only reminded me of my location, it only reminded me of the person I was with. I could hear him breathing steadily but I knew he was asleep. He was so peaceful I could hardly imagine a night with bad dreams.

I closed my eyes before I drifted away into sleep.

 Tranquility at its peak…

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