Random Descriptions

Because why not?


3. Burning...

Dancing. Flames are mystically dancing around me as they gradually begin to engulf my soul. Cruel beauty surrounds me and yet the heat is almost unbearable. I cannot escape my fate. No-one is coming to bail me out, no-one is coming to save me from my inevitable doom but I know that I deserve this. I have wronged so many and I have lost so much. Far too much for anyone to ever have experienced but especially someone like me.

It isn't fair. I was forced to be this, this killer, this merciless monster. I didn't choose this life; I never wanted this burden. But then who would? It doesn't matter anymore; the end is here. Peace and stillness awaits. Calm and rest are only moments away. As the smoke begins to thicken, I am at peace with my nightmares and my demons. I am at peace with my loss and the pain that I have suffered. I am at peace as the sound of my raspy breath begins to slow.

After all of my pain and sorrows, black fills my vision until finally,

finally it is all over...


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