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1. wake me up

I'm waking up in the hospital. I don't know why. I don't know what happened. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I don't even know if I'm in America anymore. All the humans in the hospital I talking a different language. Maybe Spanish. I don't know. I tried to say something. I tried to say my name. I tried to say ' help'. No one heard me. I didn't even hear myself. I tried to scream. No one listened. Now I yelled ' Nikita'. This time people reacted. The said " she's awake" and " give her a drop". (I think)

A nurse came over to the bed I was laying in. She smelled like an apple. An apple that have been laying in the sun for like two days. She started talking to me, but i didn't understand her language. She really looked like a person that comes from Spain. Yes I was in Spain.

But what do I even do in this hospital. Another nurse came over to the bed, and she talked my language. She asked if I was in pain, but I wasn't.

She asked how I felt. I said that I felt wasted.

Do you have any questions my dear? She asked like everything was all normal, and I'm sure it was for her.

- Why am I here?

What do you mean dear? You came here yesterday. Don't you remember anything?

- no...

- Well, you came here yesterday, you have overdosed, and you were about to die.

In that moment, all my memories came back. About how i slept with my ex, that actually is my best friends boyfriend. How I danced on the table, holding a bottle of champagne. I I drank of my own glass, got drunk, and drove away with my ex. How I left my best friend. Her face when she came in, and busted us. How she cried, when we drove away.

I heard someone walking on the other side of the wall. Someone knocking on the door. The nurse walked over, and opened the door. It was her. My best friend that I've hurt more than anything.

The nurse walked out, so we were all alone in the room.

- Are you okay? She asked.

- No. I know what you saw last night. I saw your face when we drove away. What are you doing here?

I saw a tear running from her cheek.

- I got a call. My best friend was in a hospital in Italy. I took the private jet, and came here so fast I could. I thought you were about to die.

She was crying now. Her beautiful brown eyes were so full of pain. Pain I gave her. She thought that I was about to die.

She hugged me. My shoulder became wet, and I hugged her back.

- I love you V, I said.

- I love you too N.

Nikita Sparks, a voice said. It was the nurse. You have a visitor. Vanessa and I looked at the door. My mom came in.

- Oh honey, what happened? She was out of herself. She cried. "And what are you doing in Italy?

- mom I honestly don't remember. A nurse said that I've overdosed...

- again?!

- Mom it's a year ago.

- So what? It's not making it any better. You are 17 years old Nikita.

The nurse came in, and said that I was free to go. I put on my own clothes, and we went home.

- Nikita we are not done talking about this. My mom was about to cry. I could hear it.

Vanessa hugged me again and said: what you did is unforgivable. She stopped hugging me and looked me straight in the eyes. But now I know the felling about loosing you, and you are not even gone.

- I love you N

- I am so sorry V. I was drunk, and i know that's not a good excuse, but I really regret what I did. I'm sorry, I really am.

We hugged each other for long time, and went together home.

When I was home, I felt empty. I didn't knew that I could loose everything and get it back. And i did it before 24 hours. I was laying in my own bed on my upper east side...

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