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2. the next day

The next morning, my mom came into my room.

- Nikita Sparks. How can I help you? You obviously need some help.

- Mom I don't. Really. The only thing I need is my friends. Vanessa, Eric, Chuck.

I just need to talk with them. Tell them that I am okay.

- Now you have to listen honey. Rebecca is coming home soon. And you can't say " welcome home, I was about to die 3 days ago. How are you?"

She said it with a sarcasm, that I loved. Her sarcasm.

Rebecca is my sister. She have been on boarding school for a year. She is 14 years old. She has long blonde hair (just like me). She is beautiful. I don't even remember her voice.

- Nikita. You can't deal with anything alone.

- MOM! When do you get it. I'm not in troubles. I'm okay. I don't need yours or anybody else's help. I was drunk.

- Nikita you had an overdose. You were about to die. When do you get it? Just because you are still alive, doesn't mean that it's okay.


She looked me straight in the eyes, and she was about to cry. She walked out, and I dressed. About an hour later, I went out. I took the limo to Vanessa's house.

When I came in, i saw her talking with her mother. I knocked on the wall.

About five minutes later, Vanessa came out.

- Hey N.

Hey V. Have you heard from him.

She swallowed and said 'He was found dead in a lake in Spain"

- What did he do in Spain? I was in Italy...

- I don't know N. I really don't know.

I saw the tears running on her cheeks. " N. I.. I th..think"

- What V? Take a deep breath. And the say it fast as you can. You are my best friend. You are my closest family. You and I are sisters. For ever. No matter what, and anything that can came out of your mouth right now, can change that.

" Okay" she took a deep breath, and said:

It was me. I killed him. No I didn't kill him. But I saw the person that did it.

- V. If this is true. Then what did you do in Spain?

- I followed you. It all started when you drank your champagne. I came something in it. I thought that it just makes people sleep. It didn't. You became like a very drunk person and kissed Nate. Then he took you into the restaurant and...

- okay I know.. Skip that part.

- I came in and saw it. I saw that he kissed you like he never kissed me. He looked at you like he never looked at me. I ran away. I saw you guys jumping in a limo. I took my own limo, and followed you. I saw you guys taking tour jet. I took my own jet. We ended in Spain.

I just remember a man dropping his body I a lake. You were gone. The the hospital called. You've said my name while you were drugged. They got my number. I don't know what happened to me.

I'm sorry N. I cant tell you anything else. The next thing I remembered clearly was that call. I was laying on the ground. I'm so sorry. I should've told you.

- V. If you think that this is your foult, then you're a fool.

I laughed. Hoping it would make the situation a little bit more funny.

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