gone wrong

Josh is an openly gay popular boy. He hates how everyone thinks just cuz hes gay he in love with Justin Bieber. He has to keep telling people he could only fall for someone he met. One day josh got an old friends number and called then he started to fall......
(Okay I have non against Justin its just a story my friend wanted me to write)


1. Edmen

I walk in my room trying not to awake my bestfriend. I grabbed my backpack and ran out of my room downstairs and out the front door leaveing my friend Ella to sleep. I unlocked my car got in and turned the radio up before pulling out and going to starbucks. The song lolly by Justin bieber came on and I groaned knowing its probably on on every station. "She say she love my lolly she wanna make it pop she say she love my lolly she say she wanna kiss the top she say she love my lolly she say she love my lollipop she say she love my lolly she say she love my lolly she say she love to party girl I love your body why you on the table cus you know Im watching she say she love my molly" I was so happy to finally be at starbucks I shut my car off and hopped out glad to be away from that song. I opened the door to starbucks and what do ya know that dumb song was playing. "Ugh" I sighed. "Yeah i knowits been playing all morning" I turned around to see the hottest ive ever seen. "Uhh yeah I just heard it in my car" I mumbled. He laughed "im Edmen nice to meet ya babe" he winked "i im Josh and umm I mean why'd you call me babe" i wimpered. "I called you babe cause your so daym cute." He paused to check me out more "can I get your number" he said giving me puppy eyes "sure you pour puppy" I said pulling out a paper with my number on it. "You already were prepared did you know I was gonna ask for a number? " I laughed "no im just always being asked my number by girls usually" I smiled and wrote his number on my hand "JOSH GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE AND GET ELLA HER STARBUCKS BEFORE SHE WAKES UP DESTROYS YOUR ROOM AND HUNTS US BOTH DOWN" My friend Kitty yelled. I waved bye to Edmen and yelled back "BISH CAN WAIT" we both laughed and I took the two carmal chocolate fraps and ran to my car diveing home before Ella really did mess my room up.
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