Why So Depressed?

All they want to know is what's wrong... but she wont open up.
Like she's afraid if she speaks someone will hurt her.


1. Why?

   Everyone around her was happy, so she faked a smile for awhile. Nobody ever knew she was depressed, they never asked her. Something was different that day though, she changed, she was worse. People kept asking her, are you okay? She just shook her head yes and went on with her day. This girl had friends, the thing is they knew she wasn't okay, but they didn't care, they didn't wanna hear it

So she never spoke of it, she stayed silent.

   People bully her at school, she acts like she doesn't care, but she cries every night so she can sleep. No one stood up for her. They sat back and watched her drown in her depression. She wanted it to be over, she was so done. Attempted to take her life, but survived. People didn't realize how much goes on in her life, they didn't care to stop and think.

They didn't ask.

She'd never tell.

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