Why So Depressed?

All they want to know is what's wrong... but she wont open up.
Like she's afraid if she speaks someone will hurt her.


2. Her perspective

  "Why am I still breathing, nobody cares.", I thought to myself. If I left no one would notice, so why does it matter? Can I just be done? I'm tired of being here just to be used and abused. Can I just jump and make my own choice. Nobody would care, I'm just a waste of space. I was misplaced, born in the wrong time, in the wrong place. My life is a waste, I have no true friends. All I do is push people away and they don't ever attempt to stay.

I'm better off dead

Dangling from the rope.

Cut by the blade.

Overdosed with pills.

Drowned in the tub.

Suffocated by the pillows.

Broken from the pain inside.

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