The Long Walk Home

Hey Guys. So for our English exam we had to write a short story and i thought i'd post it here. Its a work in progress so bear with!


4. Chapter 4

Although it's only a 20 minute walk to my parents house it seemed to take a decade. Luckily, I managed to find a wheel barrow outside someones garden gate which threw the suitcases into and sat darcy on top. Dont worry I returned it the next morning! Darcy sat there enjoying herself mumbling and singing away when we reached a bumpy patch of road. This didn't help the fact I had an awful stomach ache, a pounding headache and a body full of worries!


We'd been walking atleast 15 minutes and the weather took a turn for the worst. I put my coat over darcy which drowned her in an instant as I wanted to protect her rather than myself, I felt she deserved more than I did. The rain whipped against my face like a sharp blade and the wind whipped my hair till it was completely knotted. I cant say I enjoyed that trip but by the time I reached my old garden gate all tension from my body released.


I took out my phone, covered it with my palm and called the house phone, which hadnt chnaged since I left 11 years ago! Explaining everything that happened over the phone I heard footsteps racing down the stairs. Finally, the door opened and I was met by my mothers smile. A smile I remembered well. A smile I missed yet loved. A smile I could trust.

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