The Long Walk Home

Hey Guys. So for our English exam we had to write a short story and i thought i'd post it here. Its a work in progress so bear with!


3. Chapter 3

My mouth dropped almost to the floor it seemed as he sunk his head into his hands followed by a crash onto the table. By that point he realised what he'd done. In a sheer state of shock I decided to head upstairs, wash my face and straight to bed as I cant say I was in the best of moods. Checking on darcy as I passed her room I saw her sleeping peacefully, undisturbed, unmoveable. A smile arose across my face for the first time ina few hours.


At about 10ish that night I was awoken by a thunder storm, the worst i'd heard in a while. Rain lashed against the window, thunder roared through the path at the side of the house meanwhile lightning filled the sky. My instant reaction was to go and sit with Darcy, comfort her, tomake sure she was okay, this was her first thunderstorm and she'd only been in her own room for 2 weeks. Tip-toeing across the room making sure I didn't create too much noise the light flicked on. My heart having skipped a couple beats was trying to get back to a regular pace when I was met by yet another sharp comment.   “Get away from me! I screeched This was shortly followed by being thrown onto the bed and being left there til later that night. I heard his footsteps head down the stairs and a chair screech. This was my moment.


I grabbed a fairly large sized suitcase off the top of the pine wardrobe and threw my esentials in in it along with my phone, camera, laptop, clothes and any photos/valuables I could find. Quietly, I crept into darcies room grabbed her suitcase and did exactly the same. Carefully I picked her up grabbed her favourite toy and a blanket and discreetly made my way down the stairs. I think she knew what was going on as she stayed quiet as a mouse. Unfortunately, my car keys laid on the table just in front of Lewis so I knew I had no chance of getting them, instead I decieded we had to walk to my parents house.


Im really not sure how but we managed to make it ou the house and up the street without a sneer, comment or eye following us. By this time it was still raining but luckily it started to clear revealing a beautiful sky full of stars. Walking slowly down the street Darcy following my every movement I thought to myself how just a few days before we made plans to revamp her room how after looking at Pages and pages of pastel decor, perfect cakes and every inspiring quote you could dream of we're now in this situation.  

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