The Long Walk Home

Hey Guys. So for our English exam we had to write a short story and i thought i'd post it here. Its a work in progress so bear with!


2. Chapter 2

After a somewhat confused yet silent luch break Lewis returned back to work and the babysitter returned Darcy after Nursery. We sat and played for a while before cuddling up on the sofa and eventually falling asleep together. I woke up to the sound of banging on the table in the other room. I am immediately shot up also realising Darcy was no longer by my side. Frantically searching for the source of the noise I found Lewis smacking his fists on the table in distress. Instantly I knew he wasnt himself.


“wheres darcy?” I said my voice trembling as bad thoughts started to suffocate my head.

“WHERES DARCY?” I shouted my voice cracking at the end of the sentence as I fell into a pool of tears. There was a short silence met by a freakishly loud reply.



In all fairness by this time i'd had enough but wanted to get to the bottom of the problem in order to resolve it. Multiple times I tried to just talk to him but my words got cut off by a fist hitting the table every now and again. I wanted it to be like the weekend previous where we were having a picnic in the park just relaxing and wtaching Darcy mesmorised by the kites in the sky. Thats how I wanted it to be. Like normal. Then, unexpectedly he just slapped me I felt a rock hard palm against my cheek the force of it pushing my face to the side.  

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