The Long Walk Home

Hey Guys. So for our English exam we had to write a short story and i thought i'd post it here. Its a work in progress so bear with!


1. Chapter 1

“Get away from me” were my last words to him. Ever.


The weather outside told me that day was going to be a different day. Sure enough it was. I took Darcy to nursery and returned home knowing the house would be empty until Lewis got home at lunch time. Sipping on my coffee I watched the rain roll down the window as I sat cross legged on the old wooden dining chairs, waiting for the sudden urge to tidy the house. Sighing I pushed myself up off the chair and walked across to the kitchen and placed my mug on the draining board. Standing there I became a little uneasy. I came over with a sudden feeling a feeling i'd never felt before. But why? I wasnt sure.


Steadying my uneasyness I was met by a change of wind. My shoulder was clutched by a tight grip sending an ice cold shiver down my spine. Spinning around I was met by a dark, narrow eyed face with a short grin.


“I'm back dear” He Smirked. It was Lewis.

I was a little shocked to see him in the state he was in and the fact he was over 30 minutes early but what came later shocked me even more.


We had always been a generally happy couple, not many arguments, strong for five years but unfortunately we lost our baby boy two years ago to a a horrible illness so having Darcy was the best day of our lives. From then on we'd remained positive and happy. Well that was until that night.

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