A Dark Dance

Francina wants to be a ballerina. Her dream comes true when she is accepted into New York Ballet Academy.

But what will happen when Francina meets strange and mysterious Ty, who is 19? Will her dreams turn to nightmares?

Based on/Inspired by 'Dance of Shadows' by Yelena Black


4. Next Few Months

The next few months passed in a blur.


August: The summer holidays. I went to extra ballet classes, and a ballet summer school. I was the youngest one in the senior class, which was meant for people aged 17 - 21. I was 15 - turning 16 on the 16th! I would finally be the same age as everybody else: finally. Went to my half-time work. Was late a couple of times. Got told off.


September: Madeline's Birthday. She's the second oldest in her school year. She got a proper "big girl's" bike. Settled down into life as a Year 12 (Lower Sixth). Wondered which school I'd be in next year for my A Levels. Went to ballet classes. Started preparing for the Christmas Ballet at my dance school.


October: School. Ballet. Work. Ollie got ill and Mum had to stay home and look after him 'cause he couldn't go to nursery. Went to see my best friend, Gabe, in his half term (he goes to boarding school and doesn't have a proper holiday) with his sister and my family.


November: First exams of Year 12. Did alright. Need to work on Maths and History. Practised hard for Christmas Ballet. Almost twisted my ankle on pointe. Was told to take it easy for a bit. It was fine in about a week and a half. Not a particularly fun month.


December: Got some new pointe shoes as a very early Christmas present because my old ones had broken. Christmas Ballet went well. We were doing the nutcracker, and I was the lead girl, Clara. Finished school for Christmas holidays.


Saw Gabe for the first time in ages.

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