A Dark Dance

Francina wants to be a ballerina. Her dream comes true when she is accepted into New York Ballet Academy.

But what will happen when Francina meets strange and mysterious Ty, who is 19? Will her dreams turn to nightmares?

Based on/Inspired by 'Dance of Shadows' by Yelena Black


3. My Friends

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!" My very loud and over the top friend, Ally, shrieked. She was obviously very excited that I had got in NYBA. Ally is small with delicate hands and feet, and is the best gymnast I know. I swear she could jump over the first floor railing in our school and land it gracefully on a table or something. She is always getting told off for doing cartwheels or flips at random moments. Ally has a black pixie hair cut and doesn't wear that much (noticable) makeup, and she doesn't go red in the face when hanging upside down or doing tumbles and the like.


My other friend, Willow, is tall and willowy (like her name suggests) and she is really good at sports, especially netball. She is the team captain and can shot goals from the outer edge of the shooting circle. Unlike Ally, she wears quite noticable makeup, but she somehow makes it look natural, and it never rubs off when she's doing exercise. Willow is also quite quiet, but she's very clever, and is kind of a teacher's pet. Willow swung me off the floor and spun me around, before throwing me in the air and catching me. It was very exhilarating, and I love it when she does that. Ally, hugged me very tightly, before flipping into a handstand and hugging me wth her legs. I was very used to this, as these two have been my friends for a loooooong time.


I met Ally in Year 7, when I had seen her in the next room to mine at the place I do dance, talked to her, and then met her at school. We were instantly friends, and always met up before and after dance classes/gymnastics. Willow joined our school half way though the first year, and she was kind of shy, so I thought we should go and talk to her. I suggested this to Ally, who immediately went up to her and started talking to her nineteen to the dozen. At some point she started showing her what she could do, and was doing flips, handstands and cartwheels. I hurriedly went over to stop her before a teacher saw. I calmly flipped her the right way round and moved her to the side, whilst I apologised to the very bewildered looking Willow, and introduced us properly. Ever since then we've been best friends, the three of us.


I also told multiple other people about my success at getting into NYBA, but I told no one about how my mum had almost stopped me seeing it. Nearly nobody knew about my home life in full, like how I felt about my family. Ally and Willow knew a bit, but I didn't want to worry them with my problems, as they all seemed to disappear with them and I didn't want to change that. Obviously I'd go to them with anything girl-related, but anything to do with general family problems, I went to my bestest friend out of school ever. Who happened to be a guy, but hey. I just wanted time with my friends to be about fun and happiness, away from any problems I had. Which meant I didn't tell them about my mum.


"I know," said Ally, "Let's celebrate! My place tonight, I'll throw a party! Bring your families!" Ally loves throwing parties. And when I say loves, I mean LOVES. She used any excuse to throw parties. She has 5 siblings, and only two are her parents' own. Her and her brother are adopted, and so are two of her other siblings. They have a massive house, and they're all one big happy family. Willow has one half-sibling: they both have the same dad and different mums. Willow came second, after her sister's mum died and her dad re-married. Her half-sister is very protective, and they're very close. I'm stuck with two tiny siblings (who I love really, but they can be so annoying) and a mum I daren't worry with any problems, as she has so many of her own. I really wish I had a sister closer to my age, and older, and a slightly younger brother. So basically I wish Maddy and Ollie would grow up a bit, and I stay the same until Maddy's older, and I'm in the middle. And I'd like Ollie to grow up a bit more after that. And I'd like a proper dad so Mum isn't as stressed and we'd all be a happy family. But that's impossible. So I just need to suck it up and pretend everything's fine. It's not that bad really, and I really am happy most of the time, but I sometimes wish my story was different. I wish I had a proper Dad, one that was there so I didn't have to do so much around the house. Someone to look after Maddy and Ollie, so I could just be a teenager.


We agreed with Ally, and she was super excited all day, texting her adoptive mum everything that she was going to do that night. Willow said she might be late as she had netball practise, but it wasn't going to ruin the fun for Ally!

"Okay, then that's fine, but send your family on before you, unless you need someone to pick you up?"

"No, it's fine, I can walk to yours, it's not that far." Willow replied.

"Great! So, see you at 4:30 after school, Francina? You can go home, grab clothes, get your family ready, and come to mine to prepare and get changed!  Then your families can come at 5 o'clock, and Willow, you come whenever you're ready." Ally clapped her hands like an excited child.

"Oh, I won't be that late then. The practise finshes at half 4, then I just need to check with the coach, for if there's anything upcoming for the team and walk home. Then I just need to have a shower, then I can come." Willow said.

"Yay!" Ally squealed, "See you tonight!" And with that, she spun on her heel and bounded off, like a little deer or something.

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