The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Bullying

This book teaches all you need to know about bullies and how to handle them. Let's hear it from Pumpkin!


4. Sometimes You Need Your Friends

This story took place before the Superhero Age. I was sad that the world was always in so much danger. Since there were so many superheroes, I started to found a superhero society. I got to work thinking and building.

Not far away, there was a bully named Spicy Mead. Spicy Mead knew that if I succeeded, he would be eternally arrested.

He tried every trick to stop me. He yelled at me. He insulted me. Bullies try to hurt your feelings by calling you names. If that doesn’t work, a bully might use physical methods—especially if you are alone. I didn’t like being insulted, but I continued to build their headquarters.

Later, Spicy Mead sent a small robot with a transmitted message to tell me in public I didn’t have the brains to create the society.

Then he sent a flesh-and-blood messenger with another message to scare me! But I ignored it.

Finally, a fellow Super saw what I was doing and decided to help! Together, we backfired all of Spicy Mead’s tricks.

Astroman also joined us.

Finally, Spicy Mead arrived and drew his sword. As a trio, we scared him away!

A week or two later, we finished! The light side had won!

When Spicy Mead saw this, he gave up and went home.

We named our group the GFT. Astroman ended up becoming the Grand Master, I was second-in-command, and the fellow Super, named Superpup, was a senior member of the High Council.


I had proved that bullies like picking on you when you are alone. So when friends stick together, they can do great things. They can even defeat bullies!

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