The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Bullying

This book teaches all you need to know about bullies and how to handle them. Let's hear it from Pumpkin!


6. Sometimes You Need To Run Away

I was in fifth grade when Ursula walked up to me at recess.

She wasn’t big or strong, but she was a bully anyway.

She tried to make me cuddle with her, but this made me feel uncomfortable. I kept saying no, but she wouldn’t leave me alone.

I continued to say no, but she still wouldn’t leave me alone.

So I ran away. Fast!  

Running away might seem like the bully is winning, but sometimes a bully just won’t stop picking on you. Sometimes the best thing is to escape.

After you escape, tell a parent or teacher what happened. Let them handle the bully.  

I think that sums it up. Now you know the five ways to stop your bullies.

It’s time for that fun surprise!

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