Conflicts Of Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a great deal in all people's lives , it changes some people, starts routines , depressions and it even can destroys some people physiologically . The matter really confuses me , I mean why do we care that much ? why does it affect us like that ? why would I let something as simple and silly like that destroys my life ? and that's exactly when the conflicts of Heartbreak started inside of me .


1. Conflicts Of Heartbreak

 I drew a picture for all of my pain 

 tried to solve it or even explain, 

 how a small heartbreak can break you down

 make you feel useless and dying to leave town, 

 and why isn't easy to get over it 

 just dump that person without needing to hide in a pit,

 I asked many people but the answer was always the same ,

 "  Love isn't sane or pure , it's more of a game 

   you and your lover , you're the warriors of this war 

  from people's words and insecurities you have to stay  far ,

  and once this love is over , every spark will be gone 

  your heart will be broken and that's the part where there's no fun ,

  you'll cry your eyes out and your world will be dark 

 you'll refuse all food  or even offers of taking a walk in the park "

 It really got me curious that I stayed up all night 

 trying to find a cure cause I'm so adamant to win this fight ,

 I don't wanna be like that , I don't wanna be that weak

 I won't cry over a guy or camp in my room like a freak , 

 people say we'll be warriors during our love story

 breaking up with a lover doesn't make a hero lose his glory ,

 I'll keep up my fight and I won't give up 

 cause from scenes and dramas I'm really fed up ,

 It's time to show my strength , I'm not a vulnerable girl 

 I will get over every obstacle and won't go to my bed and curl ,

 my feelings will be under control and I will raise my shields 

 so that I would be able to stay strong when  I'm fighting in the field,

 I will build my barriers and shield my heart 

 so that not a single guy can ever tear me apart ,

 I will stay strong for as long as I can 

 till I find the right one and then I would put down my pan ,

 He will understand me , I won't need my armor 

 even if we decided to live in the country next to a farmer ,

he doesn't have to be a lover , he can simply be a friend 

help me do everything crazy that I want , with him I won't have to pretend ,

he will be my rock and will help me stay strong 

and call me at midnight waking me from my slumber to sing me a goodnight song ,

he would understand me just the right way 

and with that awesome friend I won't have to fight this fray .


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