Step Brother

She moved in, how long will it take for him to get used to her?!?! Find out here!

And thank you ♕Jen Hemmings♕ for the cover :*


6. Chap 4.

What has Sabrina done?! I scream in head "Michael, we need to go home" i say pulling him off the cheerleader. "Bye" he says to her "what did Sabrina do?" I ask "none of your business" he growls back.

We finally get home, Michael walking to the kitchen and me just sitting on the couch "Peanut butter jelly time" Michael sings from the kitchen. "Mikey" i ask "dont call me that" he replies "alright Michael" i say again "what" he says not looking away from his phone. "What did Sabrina do?" I ask nagging "She cheated okay?" He replies frustrated "oh im so sorry" i say with worry in my eyes "sorry about today too" i say once again "its fine" he says turning the tv on along with the playstation.

"LUKE I NEED COVER" Michael screams at the tv "HAHA FUCK YOU" He yells at the tv once he killed someone "loud" i mumble.

"HOME" mum and dad say as they walk through the door "Hey" i say sitting at the island "wheres Michael?" Dad asks "in his room" i reply "okay can you go get him" mum says "ok" i say walking out of the kitchen. "Michael" i knock. No answer. I knock again but still no answer, i open the door and walk in, Michael being nowhere to be seen "Michael?" I ask looking around under his bed, his closet, everywhere but his bathroom. I walk in seeing a shadow behind the shower curtain sitting down "Michael are you okay?" I ask "fuck! Go away" he replies "why whats wrong?" I ask opening the curtain seeing a pool of blood surrounding him "MICHAEL" i scream "Leave please? Dont tell dad please" he begs "show me where you cut!" I yell "no" he simply replies "Show me" i say sternly "NO" Michael yells standing up, blood running down his leg "Just leave" he says pushing me out the door "Dad wants you though" i say "tell him ill be down soon" He replies cleaning his leg "okay" i reply.

I run down stairs shocked by what i saw, why wouldn't he show me? Why was blood coming from his crotch area? I ask myself "Am?" Mum asks "yeah" i ask "whats wrong" "i cant say" i reply "Michael" dad yells "Wait" Michael yells.

back "he was cutting" i blurt out "what?" Dad asks "oh my god" i say slapping my mouth "he was cutting? Like self harm?" Dad asks, i just nod. "Where?" He asks "he wouldnt show" i reply "but blood was coming from his crotch area" i reply "what?" He asks "Michael Gordon Clifford" dad calls "yeah?" Michael asks running downstairs holding his Crotch "show me" is all dad says "show you what?" Michael asks "Pull them down" dad replies "im not pulling my pants down dad" Michael replies awkwardly laughing "Pull them down Michael" mum replies "No" he replies "Michael Pull them Down Now" dad yells Michael finally gives in pulling his pants down showing various scars fresh along with old ones, but thats not the point "Michael" dad stutters speechless "w-why" he asks "i was cheated on, im not gonna just get over it am i? I loved her, i lost my fucking virginity to her" he yells, pulling his pants back up and running upstairs, tears staining his face. Poor boy!

A/n: hello everyone sorry for the wait and the short chapter, i have a plan for later on in the book so stay tuned but that will be around chapter 8! Poor Michael! ILY MIKEY BBY

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