Step Brother

She moved in, how long will it take for him to get used to her?!?! Find out here!

And thank you ♕Jen Hemmings♕ for the cover :*


5. Chap 3.

The sound of my alarm rings throughout my room, i roll over slapping the snooze button. I roll over again and stay in bed for another 5 minutes stretching and adjusting my eyes to the light of the lamp on my bedside table. I know not like every girl snoozing their alarms then getting up straight away. I lay down again stretching.

"Wakey wakey eggs and bakey" dad says coming into my room "Ughhhh i don't wanna get up" i scream into the Pillow "Michael isnt awake why should i?" I ask "Michael is Awake" dad corrects me "oh" i simply say "He's in the bathroom Brushing his teeth" dad says "how long has he been awake?" I ask "5 Minutes" he says leaving "oh" i say getting up and running to the bathroom "out" i say to Michael "get fucked" he says, he defiantly isnt a morning person "i need to shower" i whine "and i need to shave" he replies "use mum and dads room to shave" i say "fuck off i was here first" he says shaving "ugh" i mumble "fine ill just shower with you in here" i simply say earning an 'mhmm' from Michael "really Mhmm?" I ask "yes now can you shut up?" "Wow" i say

I hop in the shower stripping and showering. I finish hop out, and dry myself finding out that Michael left. I walk to my room, looking into Michael's room, i see him flexing in the mirror, fully naked, ew. "Put clothes on" i say "dont look in my room he says closing the door "moody much" i say "pervert much" he mocks. I go to my closet grabbing a bra and panties, along with a black crop top, black skinnies and a red flannel. Wrapping the flannel around my waist, letting my dark red wavy hair down. I put on some Foundation, powder, light brown eyeshadow and mascara.. I look at myself in the mirror putting my black converse on, grabbing my pink NIKE bag heading downstairs, sitting on the couch with my phone.

Michael still isnt done getting ready, he's such a girl "I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT" someone yells/sings really loudly coming down the stairs "Michael" dad asks "ya?" He asks "shut up" dad simply says "TASTE OF HER CHERRY CHAPSTICK" Michael teases "shut up Michael" i say "shut up Amanda" he mocks. We hear a horn from outside "Thats my ride BYE EVERYONE" Michael says running to the door "Michael" dad speaks up, causing Michael to turn on his heels looking back at him "yeah?" He asks "take amanda with you" dad says "but they're my friends" Michael argues "its okay ill take the bus" i say "see shes fine" Michael says turning around "MICHAEL TAKE AMANDA" Dad yells "UGH FINE HURRY UP" Michael yells oh god he has a short temper "AYEE BITCHES" Michael yells jumping in the car "who's the chic" some boy asks "my step sister Amanda" Michael says giving me a disgusted look "well get in" Michael says "rude" i mumble

as we drive to school Michael screams out the window all types of weird shit, such as "I FUCKED YOUR GIRL LAST NIGHT" to some random homeless people "Haha" Blondie says "im Luke" he says as if he can read my mind "oh im Amanda" i say.

We arrive at school and Michael runs to his girlfriend, kissing her on the hood of her car "Michael's Weird" i say while walking to the office "hello Im Amanda Rose-Clifford" i say "ahh yes the new kid" the lady says. "Heres you locker number and combination, and your timetable" she says as the bell rings "first class Math" i walk to math and take a seat infront "Welcome Back Class" the teacher says.

He marks the roll "Michael?" He calls "Michael Clifford" he calls again "YO HERE" Michael calls running into class "late again" mr says "sorry" Michael coos "last warning" "yeah yeah" Michael says sitting at the back with his popular group "Oi new kid" someone says i just ignore them "Amanda you got called" Michael calls out, causing the back row to laugh "i dont see how thats funny" i say turning around "oo fiesty" Michael calls, everyone Laughs "Whatever Michael" i say turning around. I feel something hit my head as i turn around "Michael im done with your shit" i call "Amanda sit down i cant see the board" Michael calls acting as if nothing happened, i grab my hand sanitiser and head to his desk "Im done with you" i say pouring it all over his book "AMANDA" Michael Yells "MICHAEL" i yell back "BOTH OF YOU SIT" mr says "SHE POURED THAT SHIT ALL OVER MY BOOK" Michael yells oh god i forgot about his short temper "Michael shush" i say pushing him down so he doesnt run "look what you've done" Luke yells at me "i forgot he had a short temper" i say, the whole back row come and help hold Michael down so he doesnt run. Michael soon calms down pushing me out the way so he can throw his book away. "Sorry Michael" i say "just leave me alone" he says grabbing his bag and heading out.

•skip to Lunch•

I head to the cafeteria hearing chants of "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" coming from "IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU" hang on the voice sounds familiar "oh my god Michael" i run in and see whats happening "MICHAEL STOP" i hear Sabrina scream "FUCK YOU SABRINA YOU LITTLE CHEAT" Michael screams continuing to punch the kid under him, "PRINCIPAL ALERT" someone yells surely enough he gets pulled off by his friends and everyone goes back to normal. Michael walks to the cheerleaders tables and pushes some blonde chic into a wall smashing his lips onto hers. What a player..

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