Step Brother

She moved in, how long will it take for him to get used to her?!?! Find out here!

And thank you ♕Jen Hemmings♕ for the cover :*


3. Chap 2.

Mum & I sit on the patio waiting for dad And Michael to return "Michael?" Dad yells from down the street "MICHAEL?" Dad yells "MICHAEL WATCH OUT!" He yells once again. Shortly after i hear a car slam on the breaks making a squeaking sound "Michael get home" dad says, Michael then comes running in to the house. "Michael" i say grabbing his arm, seeing blood running down his hand "Michael oh my god your hand!" I screech looking at it "just stop, and don't tell my dad or else your gonna be living hell" he growls walking inside. Oh great!

We get inside and all sit down except for Michael he's upstairs, i feel kinda worried for him, especially after seeing his arm "M-michael" i hear a girls name from upstairs "shh my family will hear" He replies "im gonna go to my room" i say walking up stairs passing Michaels room "o-oh gosh yes Michael! Faster" i hear the girls voice again "shush" Michael replies again "what the actual fuck" i say to myself "Michael?" I say Knocking "mhmm" he says "can i come in?" I ask "no" he quickly replies, listening carefully i hear rustles of feet around the room "why" i ask "im naked" he lies "oh okay, puts clothes on" i say "why are you naked?" I ask again "why do you keep asking questions?" He mocks "because i wanna know, i didnt exactly hear the shower running" i say sarcastically "maybe because i didnt shower yet?" He questions "hmm imma tell dad to open the door" i say "no" Michael says shortly opening the door a tad "ew it stinks in there" i say "what do you want" he asks "to come in?" I question "why?" "Because i heard a girl" i say blurting it out "and? Am i not allowed to watch tv?" He questions "sureee you saying 'shh my family will hear' and the girl moaning your name?" I question laughing at his stupidness "im on Skype with my girlfriend" he says "then why was she moaning?" I ask "BECAUSE" he yells "WHY?" I ask "I WAS MASTURBATING" He yells, slapping his hands over his mouth "disgusting" i say walking to my room.

Gross Masturbating? To his girlfriend? Over skype?! Gross. I start school tomorrow, great. Note sarcasm "Amanda?" Mum says coming in my room "ya" i ask "why were you's yelling" she asks "i heard a girl" "and?" I was grossed out that he was having sex, but turns out he wasnt so no biggie" i say turning my back to her "you need to leave him alone" mum says "why he's my brother, im trying to get close with him" i say "isnt that what you want? Me not hating this family?" I question "go to bed" mum says leaving "night" i say "Michael?" Mum asks "yes?" he replies "have a good sleep and please keep it down" mum says "okay, goodnight" Michael says as i watch him turn his light off "goodnight buddy" mum says leaving. I shortly hear small snores coming from Michaels room "goodnight" i whisper to nobody. I turn my light off and head to bed. Turning my alarm on and falling into a deep slumber.

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