Step Brother

She moved in, how long will it take for him to get used to her?!?! Find out here!

And thank you ♕Jen Hemmings♕ for the cover :*


4. A/N

Hey Guys! Thanks for reading. So some self harm will be in this book, just from Michael but that wont take over the book.

This book isnt like all the others, how the step brother and the girl falls in love.. Thats not the story, this is the type of story where i just write about how their life is with each other and how Amanda's life is with a Jackass of a brother (dont get me wrong i love Michael) but thats just the role he plays in the story! Sorry for the Masturbation in this chapter!

I made you all think he was having sex aye? Lol only kidding, oh and this isnt gonna be throughout the whole book. Ill just have a few a/ns at the end of the chapter maybe idk but it wont be a full chapter for it lol. Love you's! Thanks for reading!


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