After the Storm ©2015 Poem By: J.L. Jacobs

This is a poem about a true story of a fierce thunderstorm that happened one early evening. Afterwards, I walked out onto my porch and was awestruck by the beauty I saw before me in the wake of the storm. The overly bright sun was beginning to set as the dark storm clouds were still present. The cover of this poem is an actual picture I took that night. Please be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed my poem.


1. After the Storm ©2015 Poem By: J.L. Jacobs

A fierce storm in all it's might,

happened one early night.

Tornado warnings on the tv,

I sought shelter for my family and me.

The rain pounded ever so hard,

the hail outside began to bombard.

Thunder cracked and boomed so loud,

the power had been quickly knocked out.

Lightning struck a hundred times,

in the storm it was entwined.

The storm came ever so fast,

but it's mightiness did not last. 

Just as soon as it has passed,

I went outside and was agast.

I witnessed the glory in the wake of the storm,

outside it was as if nature was reborn.

The dark clouds were still lurking;

I could hear all the birds now chirping.

The bright sun began to set in all it's glory,

which had eased all of my previous worry.

Before me was a such a splendid view,

I was amazed, and my kids were too.

I grabbed my camera to take a picture,

of the beautiness that made my soul richer.

Our lawn was littered with lots of debris,

from the strong winds pelting the trees.

As the overly bright sun began to set,

it mingled with the dark clouds in it's sect.

They created such an awestruck vision,

my words to describe it seem insufficient.

I took a picture to remember the moment,

and shared with you part of this exponent.

The memory will always be reborn,

for prosperity of after the storm.




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