Charlie, Charlie

It was just a stupid game. They didn't believe anything would happen. They didn't think anybody would get hurt. How wrong they were...

Inspired by the "Charlie, Charlie" craze.


2. Guess What?

"OMG, Kaitlyn, guess what?" Andi gushed, running up to my locker where I was trying to prevent an avalanche of stuff from falling onto me.


"James-asked-me-OUT!!!!!" she squealed, throwing herself at me, causing books to tumble onto my feet.

"Jesus, girl. Calm down!" I chuckled and scooped up my bag.

"ButKaitlynThisIsSoExcitingOMGOMGISaidYesOfCourseAndWe'reACoupleAndOurDateIsOnFriday!!!!!"Andi shot out the sentence like a machine gun.

"I know, I'm excited too, Andi," I reassured, "but you need to take a deep breath and TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

"Right so basically I was at the bus stop and he was there too and we were alone and he just walked over and looked adorable and took my hand and said 'Andi be my girlfriend!' and I said 'Yes,' and then he KISSED me!!!!"

James had been Andi's long-time, big-time crush and even I have to admit he's hot. Cute brown eyes, tanned skin, tousled hair the colour of coffee and a really gentle, sweet nature. They were perfect together. Andi herself was drop-dead gorgeous, classic beach babe; shoulder-length blonde hair, massive blue eyes, long eyelashes and is tall and curvy.

Now (sigh) for my description: I am short, fat and ginger. I don't even tan; in the summer I look like a disgusting tomato and I burn so, so badly. My hair, whilst long and shiny, has a nasty tendency to tangle as soon as I walk out the door. My nose is wide and my cheeks are way too chubby. Don't even get me started on my weight; I can't count the number of diets I've been on, but to no avail. It's like I've been cursed to be the ugliest person in any group of people.

God I hate myself.

But I love my amazing friends!

There's Andi, James, Lloyd, Livvy, Theophilus (I know, he knows, we all know.....strange name), Jasmina, and Peta.

They were and still are my best friends in the world and I adore them.

Especially Theo (he's my boyfriend :D)

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