Charlie, Charlie

It was just a stupid game. They didn't believe anything would happen. They didn't think anybody would get hurt. How wrong they were...

Inspired by the "Charlie, Charlie" craze.


5. Charlie, Charlie.

I gulped. This didn't seem like such a good idea now. Lloyd had turned off all the lights and put candles in a ring around the table where it was set up. They'd all gathered round and stared at me, anticipating the adrenaline rush that you get when messing with the supernatural.

Better get it over with, I thought.

"Charlie, Charlie, are you there?" Nothing happened. I sighed with relief and stepped back. Suddenly the pencil spun to "Yes". 

There was a murmur of excitement. "I didn't blow it!" everyone started exclaiming. 

"Do it again." Lloyd commanded.

"Charlie, Charlie, can we play?" 

The pencil spun again. "Yes."

"Charlie, Charlie, are you going to hurt us?"


I was terrified now, but I kept going. The last set question. 

"Charlie, Charlie, are you going to kill us?"

A moment''s pause.

All the candles went out at once, but we could hear the pencil scraping as it spun.

The light flickered on,


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