Charlie, Charlie

It was just a stupid game. They didn't believe anything would happen. They didn't think anybody would get hurt. How wrong they were...

Inspired by the "Charlie, Charlie" craze.


4. A Party.

I stood uncomfortably in my witch costume and hoped it wasn't too tight or slutty. Theo grinned next to me, dressed as a wizard. I know, we're sooooo original. But hey, it was Halloween! Nobody's going to care.

"Kait, you look great." 

I blushed. "Thanks, do you...."

He looked deep into my eyes. "I l-o-o-."

And BAM, right in that moment of utter privacy and love (?), Jasmine, Andi and Livvy bounced in, screaming in delight, and completely ruined it. 

"RIGHT, LOVEBIRDS, WE'VE GOT SOME PAAAAAAR-TAAAAAAYING TO DO!!!!" yelled Andi. I sighed and glanced apologetically at Theo. He smiled and winked.

Soon everybody had arrived, dressed in various different Halloween costumes; zombies, ghosts, creepy dolls, clowns, and ELMO (Peta).

"Right, what shall we do first?"



"I know, let's order a pizza and eat it whilst watching a scary movie!"


Jeez, they were all like excited kids!

So Theo ordered pizza and when it arrived we watched Oculus. In the scary parts I snuggled up to Theo, and I noted with amusement that Jasmina was doing the same to Peta! The only problem with the movie is I kept thinking it was an episode of Dr Who because of Karen Gilligan originally playing Amy Pond (*nods to @Moosey*). That kinda ruined the atmosphere.

We then decided to play a scary game. We didn't have an Ouija board so we thought we'd play Charlie, Charlie instead.

We set it up carefully: the two by two grid with yes, no, yes, no written clockwise in the squares and the two pencils following the lines of the grid.

"Who wants to do it first?"

I surprised myself by boldly stepping forward and proclaiming "I will!"


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