5SOS: stuck in the hunger games

When 3 boys find their way into the world of survival and mind games, they must all stick together to live through it all. Thankfully they have one of the best possible sponsors to have.
Will Romance blossom?
Will people die?


5. chapter 5

"I know who you are." She says as she grabs my hand.

I pull it out of her grab, not because I didn't want her to touch me something was just odd about her.

Her hand was cold. Freezing. But it's summer. I gave her an odd look, but she looked down at her feet.

Michael smacked me on the back of the head.

"Great way to make her feel comfortable! You jerk!" He says as he goes to kneel down. She runs off.

"She has to come back, just leave her she'll be fine" I reply as I rub my head and watch her run off, and Michael follow her.




I watch LUKE run off to his little boyfriends. Huh.

"DONT LEAVE ME!" I say as I run over. I do not want to look like a vulnerable.

I loose him in the crowd.


I search around looking for someone I could TRY and connect too.

"HELLO IM ALBANY!" I turn around and see a girl with brown hair, with long braids and green eyes waving at me.

"Uh hello." I say back as I scan her body. Yeah, she could be helpful.

"What district are you from!?" She says as a big smile makes its way onto her face.


I point up at the roof, and pull a smile then a frown.

"I guess that explains it" I say as I go to shake her hand. She pulls me in and hugs me.

"Um.." I awkwardly look around to se if there are any other people I could socialise with.. Nope looks like everyone else in this place are all to busy into their conversations.

I pull her off me.

"Um I'm not much of a 'hugger'" I eagerly reply.

Then all of a sudden a girl runs into me.

"Ew get off me you little scat"

I hate kids.

She looks at me and starts crying.

I then realise she's obviously a tribute.

"Oh um I'm so sorry I didn't me-"

"WOW ROYCE. Great one" Luke comes over and pats me on the back.

I look over at him.

"Where the fuck did you go!! You left me!" I yell as push him in the chest.

"Oh so now you want me!" He shouts back as he raises an eyebrow.

"Yuck" I reply.

I bend back down.

"I'm Royce, I didn't mean to say that before" I say as I put my hand out to shake her hand.

"I'm Daria.." She mumbles, and looks at my hand.

I wave it a bit more.


"You shake it, it's a form of greeting" I smile at her.

"O-ok" she pulls her hand out and I grab it.

A shiver runs up my spine and I pull my hand away. Her hand is freezing.

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