5SOS: stuck in the hunger games

When 3 boys find their way into the world of survival and mind games, they must all stick together to live through it all. Thankfully they have one of the best possible sponsors to have.
Will Romance blossom?
Will people die?


2. chapter 2



"Mr hemmings stand here!" She exclaims, as she points to her left.

I pull a confident face, and stare into the crowd.

Ok, I'll just pull the whole "I'm so brave" act.





Ugh. I'm stuck with a retard. I notice him staring at me in the corner of my eye.

"Stop staring at me!" I scream.

First, I get thrown in as a tribute to participate in the hunger games. THEN I find out my partner will be some retard. I can't even.

"I wasn't staring at you!" He shouts back as he flicks his hair out of his face.

"YES YOU WERE! I caught you staring at me!" I yell back.

"Fine, maybe I was. But it's not a big deal! Your hot!" He said joking about.

"You freak" I frowned and drew a hand up from my side and swung it close to his face.

"OW! What the heck!" He shrieked, as he rubbed his face.

"You don't say that to a girl, you weirdo!" I say as a I pulled my grey shirt down. I'm going to hate this guy so much.



Wow she's a feisty one.

"Luke and Royce, follow me!"

A man says accompanied by two people covered in white armour.

"Okey doke" I smile and follow them.

The man turns and gives me a dark glare.

"You two will be representing district 14, you will need to be trained and equipped with a weapon as soon as possible." He says while staring at me.

What's with this guy.

Royce nods, and I nod with her.

"Your training will commence when you reach the Capitol. You will then be sent to training centre." He dismisses the guards and walk is onto a train. "I'll see you guys there" he pulls a fake smile.

We board the train and await our destiny.

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