5SOS: stuck in the hunger games

When 3 boys find their way into the world of survival and mind games, they must all stick together to live through it all. Thankfully they have one of the best possible sponsors to have.
Will Romance blossom?
Will people die?


1. chapter 1

Calum's POV



"IM UP, IM UP!" I yell as I sit up and stretch.

"And don't call me a lazy shit!" I say as I push her out of my room.

"Luke's waiting outside by the way." She says as she pulls her hair into neat pony tail and walks off.

I walk over to the door and let Luke in.

"Hey. Really? You just woke up!? Hurry up we have to be there in 30 minutes!" He pushes me back into my room.

"Fine get out I'll be ready in 5" I yawn and shut the door. I grab a pair of black denim jeans, a black hoodie and a white polo. I can hear Luke chatting up a storm with Mali.

"You free tonight babe?" Luke says cheekily.

"EW Luke! Get out of my way!" She screams, I can hear her push him into the door.

"Your such a flirt Luke" I say as I open the door.

"Use your looks for something else"

He looks at me and shrugs.

"So I was thinking after the reaping we can go and meet up with Ashton and Michael. " he looked at me with a convincing look.

"HELL YEAH" I shout as we highfive. We then run down to the town centre.




I smile at Calum then make my way into the crowd.

"ladies and gentlemen,

I welcome you to the 84th annual Hunger Games! We shall start with the Ladies first!"

A lady in a large white wig pipes up.

A man then walks on stage with a big glass bowl.

The lady grabs the microphone and in a calm mater speaks into it,

"Royce addylin?"

The crowd starts looking around, searching for the now new tribute. A girl with striking green eyes and brown hair stands up and nervously makes her way to the front.

"Stand here miss addylin" the lady points to the right side of her.

DAMNN SHES HOT. She had her hair in a side braid, and was wearing a pair of black converses with a baggy grey shirt and some skinny jeans.

"Now for the gentlemen." She reaches into the bowl and grabs a piece of paper.

"Luke Hemmings." She says Into the microphone.

I look at Calum. What this is a mistake. The ground looks around, UNTILL I start to make my way to the front.

"Luke.." I hear Calum saying.

I look back at him with fear written across my face. I'm screwed.

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