Bad Girls and Bad Boys

Wynter was kicked out of her school in Chicago and has to move to a school in Australia. Will things change? Will Wynter become good?


4. New school with rules to be broken

*Wynters POV*

I wake up to a remix of songs but state champs, ah what a nice way to wake up but ugggg I have to start school today! I get out of bed and put on a black crop top that say "no fucks given" and so ripped black skinny jeans with a read flannel to top off the whole look, I walk down stairs to my brother cooking bacon and eggs

'Morning sis want some breakfast?'

'See I would say yes but as if you would auctally give it to me'

'Oh you know me too well but since it's the first day of school I will put some more bacon in so just have mine for now'

'Thanks love you bro'

'I love you too Wynter' he mumbled I just ignored it though because I new he didn't really want me to hear it

*skip breakfast*


'Coming I just couldn't decide what to wear sorry'

'Its ok but let's just go before we are late' Rylin was only a year older than me so he was in year 12 and I was in year 11

*skip the drive to school*

We arrive at school and of course Rylin decides to push me into to someone, I close my eyes waiting for my ass to hit the ground

I'm so sorry guys it ha a lot more but it got cut off and I might make a new chapter later with it but I really don't feel like re-write it right now

Love yous xox Sami

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