Bad Girls and Bad Boys

Wynter was kicked out of her school in Chicago and has to move to a school in Australia. Will things change? Will Wynter become good?


9. Meeting the squad

I took a seat next to Luke

"Heyyyyyy" I said energetically sounding like a 3 year old

"Hey Wynter with a y not an i" Luke said back laughing

"Haha your really funny luke" I said laughing a bit

"Who's this?" I asked pointing to the asian looking boy

"Oh, Calum Wynter, Wynter Calum" he said introducing us to eachother

"Nice to meet you Calum" I said

"Right back at you Wynter" Calum said back

"So what are we meant to be doing?" I asked

"We're meant to be taking pictures and then editing them but me and Calum have already finished" Luke said

"Oooo can I see then?" I asked

"Sure!" Calum and Luke both replied

After Luke and Calum finished showing me their picture we decided to just play on the computers we were currently playing fire boy and water girl


We walked to the canteen getting our food then walking across the road to the oval. We were walking towards this boy with really curly hair

"Hey Ash!" Calum yelled at the boy and he looked up from his phone

"Hey guys and girl I don't know" he said going a warm smile to me

"Hey I'm Wynter" I said

"With a y not an i!" Luke quickly added making everyone laugh

"I'm Ashton" he said while smiling. He had a beautiful smile I must say

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