Bad Girls and Bad Boys

Wynter was kicked out of her school in Chicago and has to move to a school in Australia. Will things change? Will Wynter become good?


10. Meeting the squad P.2

The half bell for lunch had just rang and we were all just talking when a boy with crazy hair (you can pick whatever colour you want his hair to be😏) comes up behind us

"Hey guys who's this?" He asks pointing at me

"This is Wynter" Ashton said

"WITH A Y NOT I!" Luke added and started laughing really hard same with the other boys

"I'm Michael" the boy said politely with a smile and sat down with us and we all started talking about random things again

*skip to the end of last period*

It was 5 minutes to the bell today class finished at 2:30 because it was early day, I had class with Ashton we had just had tech we were doing woodwork and our teacher was the best he was so funny and nice!

"What bus are you getting?" Ashton asked

"Bus 6" I replied

"OMG same twinzies!" Ashton said like a 3 year old and once again showing off his beautiful smile "we have to run for it" he quickly added

We hear the bell ring and everyone sprints out of the classroom me following closely behind Ashton. We quickly got to the bus everyone was pushing to get and it really was a struggle to get on but me and Ashton finally did Ashton was puffed out from pushing to get on the bus, me not so much because I just held onto his bag

"Ok that was stressful" I said laughing a bit

"Haha it's way worse on other days" Ashton also said laughing a bit

The bus finally stopped and everyone piled out, we were at the station, me and Ashton both had to get a train home so we make our way to the platform to wait for our train


this chapter was made because I cut yesturdays one short but I have 4K viewsssssss!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUS!

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