Bad Girls and Bad Boys

Wynter was kicked out of her school in Chicago and has to move to a school in Australia. Will things change? Will Wynter become good?


5. Meeting the schools bad boy

I open my eyes to see my brother laughing his ass off then I see a boy with blonde hair,blue eyes and a lip ring starring down at me

"Oh erm sorry I didn't mean to fall on you" I said

"It's ok I understand I'm guessing your not from here you sound American" he said

"No shit Sherlock!" I said laughing

"I'm Wynter with a y not an I and that's my brother Rylin by the way" I also said

"Sassy I like that, I'm Luke and I like to get to know you more but I have detention so I gotta get going, see you around sometime Wynter!" He said the last part walking off and I waved. All the girls were drolling over him like seriously please stop acting like a dog looking at a PEICE of steak.


We get to the office and get our timetables and locker combos and we both spilt up I go straight to my lock an dump all my things in there but my phone I don't need and books like as if in auctally going to change if they think I'm going to do homework they can shove it up their ass

I'm sorry it keeps deleting so it took a while hopefully I start being able to use it without it deleting it all btw ' and " are the same idk why I change it oh and I want to change Wynters brothers name because currently it's Rylin and I just think it doesn't really suit him so comment what you would change it to down below

Love yous xox Sami

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