Bad Girls and Bad Boys

Wynter was kicked out of her school in Chicago and has to move to a school in Australia. Will things change? Will Wynter become good?


14. Maybe He Sees Something I Don't

After we finish dinner which consisted of everyone just talking about random things, me and Ashton head to the front door because it was already 9:30

"HARRY!" Ashton's calls out for his brother to come to him and shortly after doing so both Harry and Rylin walk over to where we were

"We gotta get going bro it's 9:30" Ashton said and Harry nodded giving Rylin a bro hug and saying bye and walking to Ashton's side

"Bye ash" I say into his eye while hugging him and he gives me a small smile. They both start walking out the door when I yell at Ashton "wait ash!" I say and he turns around I hold out my phone and he takes it and types his number into it

"I'll text you" I say and he smiles again and nods at the same time.

I close the door and go to walk upstairs but jake stops me by standing on the stair

"So you got his digits" jake says with a smug look on his face

"Yes jake i got his number" I say back

"What are you guys dating" he says still with te same smug look on his face

"No jake he's just my friend that's all" I say while pushing past him

"Sure he is" jake say sing walking away back down the stairs

I ignore his comment and walk into my room and throw myself onto my bed, did I like Ashton more than a friend? No! He's just really nice and we're really close... I think

I slowly fell asleep listening to the rain which had just started, maybe jake was onto something

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