5SOS at Filmore High?

Alexandria Wilson always fangirled to her best friend Grace about meeting 5SOS and all Grace would do is roll her eyes and tell Alex it's not going to happen. That can all change when 5SOS performs at Filmore High, the school Alex goes to in Sydney Australia. What will happen between Alex and the boys? Will romance come into the picture?


2. Chapter Two

Alex's POV

At the end if the day, we were asked to start heading down to the gym for the concert. Grace and I walked down and sat in the very front row of chairs. "I have a good feeling about this concert." I told Grace. "If you think Five Seconds Of Summer is going to perform then you ate crazy girl!" Everyone took their seats and were talking.

"Can I please have your attention please?" The principle said. "I need you to be very quiet and not scream super loud when they come on stage. If you are screaming the whole time no ine will be able to hear that well. Be aware that we are in a gym not an arena. They will be on in five."

About five minutes later the lights shut off and the only lights on were neon ones facing the stage. Then there was a countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Someone very familiar then came on stage. Then I realized it was the one and only Luke Hemmings. Then the rest if the boys came on stage. I looked over at Grace to see her mouth wide open. Luke started to speak. "Hello everyone. How are you today?" Everyone screamed in reply. "Us boys want to thank your principal for letting us come here and perform for you today. Our first song we are going to sing is VooDoo Doll."

They have already sang five songs and I am going to die! They sound so much better live! They started to sing their last song. "My girlfriends bitchin cuz I always sleep in!" I screamed when I realized what song it was.

Halfway through the song I looked at Luke and he was staring at me. My breathed hitched. I just smiled and he winked at me. I felt my face turn a crimson red and my heart was about to leap out if my chest. I can't believe it! Luke just winked at me! I doubt it he was probably winking to someone else.

It was the end if the day and I was talking with Grace by my locker. "Hah I knew I had a good feeling about the concert!" I told Grace. "I can't believe I doubted you! Haha oh and did you see Luke wink at you?!" "Yes but he was probably winking at someone else." "I doubt it. Well I have to go! See you tomorrow." With that she left.

I walked down the street to an ice cream store. "Hi welcome to Lolly's Ice Cream what can I get you?" The cashier asked me. "I will get a single scoop of mint chocolate in a cone please." I payed and waited for my ice cream to come. While I waited for my cone, I was thinking about today. Did Luke actually wink at me? I am super excited that I saw 5SOS today. I wanted to meet them but at least I got to see them. I think I would die if one of the boys talked to me. Especially Luke!

I was eating my ice cream when someone sat next to me. I looked to see who it was and I felt like I was going to faint. "Umm hey." Luke said. "H-hi." I was trying so hard nit to fangirl. "I saw you today at Filmore High. You looked pretty but I couldn't see you that well." "Oh thank you." OMG! Did Luke just call me pretty? "What's your name? I'm Luke by the way." "I know who you are haha. I am a huge fan. I'm Alexandria but you can call me Alex." "Well it's nice to meet you Alex. I am surprised you haven't fainted yet." "I try not to fangirl around you guys or when something about you guys comes on." "Well I appreciate you not screaming and asking for a picture." "Thank you. I know how you and the guys want your privacy and space." "I am glad a fan like you understands that." "Haha well I should get going. My mum is probably wondering where I am." "Okay well I will walk home with you. So you're not alone."

We were halfway to my house and I was feeling more comfortable around Luke. We walked in silence. Not awkward but peaceful. We got to my house and we said our goodbyes.

A. Bye Luke!

L. Bye Alex

A. See you around maybe?

L. Ya okay bye!

A. Bye!

L.oh wait Alex!

A. Ya?

L. Can I have your number?

A. Sure only if you give me yours too haha.

L. Okay haha.

We exchanged Numbers and I walked inside my house. I said hi to my mom and went into my room. Once I got inside I screamed. I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

I face timed Grace to tell her everything.

G. Woah why do you look like the best thing in the world happened to you?


G. Woa woah calm down dude it can't be that good.

A. Well it is! I feel like I'm going to die!

G. Why what happened?

A. Okay so I was eating ice cream and guess who sat next to me?

G. Who?

A. LUKE! We talked and then he just walked me home! Then we exchanged numbers!

G. OMG! I'm happy for you that is so awesome! You go get him girl!

"Dinner!" My mom yelled. I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen "Why are you so happy?" "Oh I don't know... Maybe the best thing ever happened to me!" I told my mom what happened and she told me that she was happy that I met him. I am soo happy right now I can't even express my feelings. I just want to tell everyone that Luke is mine even though he isn't.

I was in bed watching Paper Towns when I got a text. I looked to see that it was Luke!

L. Hey!

A. Hey!

L. Are you bust tomorrow?

A. Nope why?

L. Well I was thinking that we could hang out and get to know eachother.

A. Ya that sounds fun. What time?

L. I will pick you up at 5:30.

A. Ok but don't you have a concert tjen?

L. No we actually get a month off.

A. Oh that must be nice.

L. Ya it is. Well I have to go.

A. Okay I will see you tomorrow.

Bsbdbdbdbfbbfvfvdb!! DID LUKE JUST ASK ME TO HANG OUT? AHHH!!! I screamed and my mom came running into my room. "Are you ok!" "Ya why?" "Well I heard you scream." "Oh ya umm I will be gone at 5:30 tomorrow." "Okay and why?" "LUKE JUST TEXTED ME AND WANTS TO HANG OUT!" I said really excited. "Oh wow well good for you. I hope you have fun."

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