5SOS at Filmore High?

Alexandria Wilson always fangirled to her best friend Grace about meeting 5SOS and all Grace would do is roll her eyes and tell Alex it's not going to happen. That can all change when 5SOS performs at Filmore High, the school Alex goes to in Sydney Australia. What will happen between Alex and the boys? Will romance come into the picture?


6. Chapter Six

Lukes POV

I woke up around 9:30. I put a shirt on and went into the kitchen and saw that Alex was still sleeping. I grabbed some cereal and poured it into a bowl with milk. I finished my cereal and started to make coffee. I watched TV and drank my coffee.

I took a shower and finished getting ready. It was quiet without Alex being awake. I was just wearing some sweatpants because it was raining today and I was shirtless. I was bored so I turned my music up loud but not to loud and did a little work out.

I have been working out for two hours now. I was hungry and I wen to eat something. I made myself a sandwich and got some water. I cooled down and finished eating. I'm not that sweaty anymore. I was walking upstairs and when I turned around I bumped into Alex. She fell in top of me. She looks really hot she's wearing a sports bra and sweatpants. We stare into each others eyes for a couple seconds. We leaned un and our lips connected. We kissed for a good 5 seconds. We pulled apart. Alex quickly got off of me and ran downstairs. Oh no! Did she not like the kiss? What if I screwed up! I walked back into the guest room. I put a shirt on and watched Netflix. The whole day I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. When I kissed her I have never felt this before. There were explosions and fireworks. Just thinking about the kiss makes me get butterflies in my stomach. Whenever I kisses my girlfriends I had in the past, i only felt sparks. There was no fireworks ir anything just sparks. I want to ask Alex out but I'm too scared. I turned Netflix off and took a short nap.

Alex's POV

Oh my god! Did Luke just kiss me? I never thought he liked me. He looked really hot all sweaty and shirtless. When we kissed I felt numb. There were explosions everywhere and I didn't want to pull apart but we both did at the same time. His lips are so soft and pink. I liked the feeling if his lip piercing when we kissed.

I made myself some late lunch realizing that it was 3:00. I wanted to go to the beach but it has been raining all day. I walked upstairs and saw Luke's door open just a crack. I peeked my head in and saw that he was sleeping. He looked so delicate and precious when he slept. You can see his ocean blue eyes even when they are closed. His breathing was so calm and soft. He looked lonely all alone. I walked into my room and put a shirt on. I called Grace, Ariel, and Dawn to see if they wanted to spend the night tonight. I told them to come over at six. Thay all said yes so I did some cleaning because the house was a little dirty. I cleaned my room and I cleaned up the kitchen and the living room. I also cleaned up the basement.

I grabbed my car keys and drove to the store. I want to get fiid and some fun stuff for tonight. I got a cart and went to the food section. I got a lot of popcorn, chips, soda, candy, and ice cream. I got a lot of food because I knew that Luke was probably going to invite the boys over. I walked out of the food section and got some fun stuff. I got christmas lights.😂 I also got glow sticks and weird dress up stuff. I got the balloons that have lights in them. I also got a disco ball, radio, pillows, and blankets. I payed for the stuff I bought and drove home.

When I got home Luke was on his phone. "Hey Luke." "Oh hey Alex." I sat down next to him. "What you doin?" I asked him. "Oh nothing just on Twitter." "Cool." We sat in awkward silence for a while until Luke spoke.

L. I need to tell you something.

A. What is it?

L. I-I really like you.

A. Me too. I smiled widely.

L. Really?

A. Ya I have liked you ever since I saw you and your band.

L. I have another question haha.

A. Yeah?

L. Would you be my girlfriend?

A. I would love to.

Me and Luke leaned in and kissed. The kiss lasted for a minute. I felt explosions like when I kissed him earlier. We talked and cuddled for a bit. I told him that the girls were coming over in an hour and that he could invite the boys. I felt like the happiest person in the world. I was finally with Luke. I don't like him for his fame and looks even though he's the hottest person I've ever seen. I like him for his personality.

Lukes POV

I finally built up the courage to ask Alex out. I was so nervous I thought she would say no. We cuddled and talked until five. She told me I could invite the boys over so I did and they said sure. She also showed me the stuff she got at the store. She was so funny I love her personality.

Hey guys sorry I haven't been updating. I have been busy with school and criss country just started so I will be busy. What should Luke and Alex's ship name be? Please comment. I will only update if i get five likes or favorites. If I don't by next Friday then I will update. Bye!

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