5SOS at Filmore High?

Alexandria Wilson always fangirled to her best friend Grace about meeting 5SOS and all Grace would do is roll her eyes and tell Alex it's not going to happen. That can all change when 5SOS performs at Filmore High, the school Alex goes to in Sydney Australia. What will happen between Alex and the boys? Will romance come into the picture?


4. Chapter Four

Hey guys! Quick little message before I start the chapter! I am doing a time skip by one week. So Luke and Alex have hung out almost everyday after Alex gets out of school. I changed what the characters look like too. Alex has black hair with midnight purple highlights, a black lip peircing, she also had light lavender purple eyes cuz of her birth defect. Grace has blonde hair and blue eyes with a nose piercing. Emma has brown hair and green eyes. I will now start tje story. -Jordyn

Alex's POV

Luke and I have hung out almost everyday after school. We are like best friends now. The boys don't know that Luke is friends with me. Yesterday was my last day of school. Also known as my graduation. Since my mom is out of town for work, I will be home alone for a month. I called Luke and told him to come over.

10 minutes later Luke walks in my house. "Shit Luke don't do that you scared me!" "Sorry Alex" we go in my room and talk. "I don't know what I should do this weekend. Since my mom is gone." I said. "Well you could throw a party tonight." I agree even though I have never thrown a party like this.

Around 5:30 Luke calls the boys over to help set up. We go in my backyard to set up the lights and Luke's mouth drops open. "Woah! Your backyard is huge!" "Thanks haha." My backyard has a big patio with lights and stuff. I have a garden, a really big built in pool, and a tree house with a tire swing. Five minutes later Luke walks outside with Ashton, Michael, and Calum.

L. Hey guys I want to introduce you to Alex. We met the day we performed at Fillmore High aka her old school.

A. Hey guys!

C. Hey Alex! Did Luke tell you our names?

A. No I know who you guys are because I am a huge fan so ya.

C. Oh ok haha

We finally finished putting the food and drinks in tables and then I went upstairs to go get ready. I wore a baby blue crop top with black. High waisted shorts and my black vans. I curled the ends of my hair and put some makeup on. I walked downstairs and heard unfamiliar voices in the back. I walked outside and saw two really pretty girls.

A. Hey who are they?

C. Oh ya sorry Mikey and I have girlfriends.

A. Oh okay cool. My name is Alex by the way.

C. Oh ya and my girlfriends name is Dawn.

M. This is Ariel

I said hi to both of them. We talked in my room while the boys played FIFA. We were already like best friends. Dawn has black hair and a belly button piercing with blue eyes. She looks asian like Calum but she isn't. Ariel's natural hair color is brown but she died it red like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She has green eyes with a nose and eyebrow piercing. We were talking about tattoos when the doorbell rang. "Who is it? The party hasn't started yet." Said Ariel. "It could be my friend Grace. I told her she could come early." I said. Just then Grace walks in.

An hour later the party started and Grace, Ariel, and Dawn are like best friends. I said hi to some of the nice people from school since I invited everyone from 12th grade as a graduation party. Emma thankfully didn't show up but her friends did. Emma and her group of friends pretty much ruled the school. Plus they are sluts too.

Around midnight almost everyone was drunk. I said the part was over in twenty minutes. I was in my third drink when someone came up to me. It was my ex boyfriend Ryan.I could tell by his eyes and the way he walked that he was pissed drunk! "Hey babe." "Ryan go away! I don't want to see you!" "Come on babe you know you want me." He said grabbing my wrist really hard. "Ryan let me go! I hate you." "I said you're coming with me!" He grabbed my wrist even harder and dragged my arm. I kept trying to get away but then he slapped me really hard. I started to get dizzy. Next thing I know is I see black.

I woke up to a really sharp pain un my rear end. I realized I was naked too. I started to freak out and cry. I saw Ryan thrusting into me really hard. I tried to scream but my mouth was taped shut.

Luke's POV

I have been looking for Alex for 30 minutes. I decided to check her room. Everyone was heading out now. Once everyone was gone I decided to look in her room. She wasn't in there I heard crying or something in the guest room. I walked in there and saw Ryan naked. I saw a girl tied up with tape on her mouth, I realized it was Alex. I quickly pushed Ryan off of her. I grabbed a blanket and put it over Alex. I punched Ryan a couple of times and I think I broke his nose. Once he drove away, I untied Alex and took the tape off. I looked away while she wrapped a blanket around her. I wrapped my arms around her while she cried. "Oh my god Alex I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" I asked her. She shook her head and cried even more. "I will go get you a bath and some clothes ready." "O-okay th-thanks." She sniffed.

I was laying in bed with Alex because she wanted me to stay.

L. What did Ryan do to you? I need to know.

A. He grabbed my wrist really hard then he slapped me and that's all I remember.

L. Do you remember anything else?

A. I-i woke up and he was naked and- and.

She burst into tears again. "Shh it's okay. I'm here for you." "He used to be my boyfriend but h-he would always abuse me. He took my virginity Luke!" "HE WHAT! I'm gonna kill him." "He was my ex boyfriend and he would abuse me when I wouldn't have sex with him. He would rape me!" She started crying again. I am literally going to kill him! I laid with Alex for a little bit then she fell asleep on my chest. I drifted off to her heartbeat.

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