Percy Jackson quests to Hogwarts

I never thought this day would come. Wizards and Witches. Of course. Gods, Demigods and Monsters weren't enough.


1. Prophecy

It was that summer after we had defeated Kronos. We were rebuilding the cabins and building some more! The U-shape would soon be a complete rectangle and the demigods had really taken to the new task with gusto.

Nico had some undead builders working on the Hades cabin. Even though he was still the only kids in it, it was going to look pretty cool: solid obsidian walls with a skull over the door and torches that burned with green fire twenty-four hours a day. Next to that were the cabins of Iris, Nemesis, Hecate, and several others I didn't recognize. They kept adding new ones to the blueprints every day. It was going so well, Annabeth and Chiron were talking about adding an entirely new wing of cabins just so they could have enough room.

I realize that I am just standing there watching all the action take place but before I decide what I am going to do another demigod that I didn't recognize (there were A LOT of newcomers lately) came up to me and said

"Chiron would like to speak to you in the Big House." "Ok" I reply "Do you know why?" He just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I blink wondering what Chiron needed and I start walking over to the Big House.

I walk inside-not bothering to knock-and say "Hey Chiron...and Annabeth" I say noticing her for the first time. "Did you need something?" "Yes" he replies "sit down, sit down, there next to Annabeth." "Ok..." I say confused.

"Seaweed brain..." Annabeth says under her breath then shaking her head and smiling.

"Now that I have you both here..." Chiron says pausing so he can slide into his wheelchair. "I have some important matters to discuss. I have a quest for you two." Annabeth and I look at each other.

"But sir-" Annabeth starts but is cut off by Chiron "Before you tell me about how you have responsibilities here, let me explain.You two need to go to a school of witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts." I rubbed my ears "Witchcraft and wizardry?" I ask confused.

"I know this will be hard to believe," says Chiron looking at us with his piercing brown eyes. "But you need to help a boy named Harry Potter. The chosen one." Annabeth blanched. "The chosen one?!" She asks skeptically.

"Yes and I also got a prophecy from Rachel a few minutes ago." Chiron says abruptly. Annabeth and I look at each other, again. After a few minutes silence I ask "What did it say." I ask saying it like a statement. Chiron answers. "The sorcerers school is doomed. The chosen one walks in the path to turn magic to gloom. Only water and wisdom can change that path. Bringing aid from the root directly to nowadays."

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