Lucy's Story

I love Narnia and Lucy is my favorite character. This is a story about Lucy and everything that she goes through after returning from Narnia. Hope you guys like it!!!


5. The debate

Mother and Father bring our bags into our rooms just as the sun is setting. They decide that maybe tomorrow would be a better day to talk about the Professor's house and our stay there. That benefited us.

Before it was time for me to go to bed, Su, Peter, and Ed come into my room.

"Do we tell them about Narnia? Should we trust them?" Peter asks us.

"Probably." Susan tells him. "They are our parents. They can choose to believe us or not. We see just going to be telling them about the Professor's house, and if we happen to mention a magical wardrobe that took us to a magical land where we are kings and queens, then oops."

"I do think that they will believe us." I say. "Why wouldn't they?"

"Maybe because that is suppose to be impossible." Edmund informs me.

"That's what Peter and Susan said, but they don't believe that anymore." I retort.

"Lucy, Edmund." Peter tells us sharply. "The main point of this meeting is to discuss if we are going to tell Mother and Father about Narnia. So far, I think that we will, right?"

"Yep." Edmund says.

"Of course." Susan says.

"I think so." I say.

"Ok. See you guys in the morning. Sleep tight Lu. Don't let the bed bugs bite." Peter says as he, Edmund, and Susan leave my room and turn off the light.

It feels good to be sleeping in my own bed, into own room again. Reuniting with something familiar again is one of the most amazing things to go through.

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