Lucy's Story

I love Narnia and Lucy is my favorite character. This is a story about Lucy and everything that she goes through after returning from Narnia. Hope you guys like it!!!


6. Telling them

"Good morning Lucy!"

That voice sounds familiar but I haven't heard it for a while. Then I remember that we are back home.

"Morning Mother." I smile as I say that. It's been way too long.

"So after breakfast, we will catch up."

"Yes Mother."

After breakfast, Mother and Father asked how staying at the Professor's was. We told them that he was super sweet and we enjoyed staying there.

"The only thing that we didn't enjoy was his housekeeper. She was a little mean. I don't think she likes kids." Edmund burst out.

Mother and Father started laughing.

"Did you give her any reason to not like you?" Father asked.

"No. When she came to pick us up from the train station she didn't seem to be happy that kids were coming to stay at the Professor's house. She kept telling us how we were not to bother her when she was giving people tours of the house." Peter said.

"Was that it?" Mother asked.

"Well, we had a little adventure while we were there." Susan said.

"You did?" Mother seemed not too surprised.

"Well, the Professor has this wardrobe. We were playing hide-and-seek and Lucy hid in the wardrobe. She kept backing up and she ended up in a magical land called Narnia. We didn't believe her, but a while later, we all ended up in Narnia. There was a witch who called herself the Queen of Narnia, but she was evil and made Narnia always winter and never Christmas for a hundred years. There was a lion named Aslan, and the four of us were destined to defeat the witch. We did defeat her with lots of help from Aslan. This ended up with us becoming the kings and queens of Narnia. Time in Narnia is a lot faster than time here, so we grew up, but when we tumbled through the wardrobe back into the Professor's house it was the same day and only a couple minutes later." Peter informed our parents.

"Oh." Father said.

"Do you believe us?" I ask nervously.

"Of course. The Professor sent me a letter that arrived about a week after your adventure. He told me that you would most likely tell me the story and I was to believe you. After you told us the story, I knew that it had to be true. You would have had to memorize the entire story." Mother told us.

"Thank you." Peter said.

"I was told that you would have titles. What are they?" Mother asked.

"Well, I'm Queen Susan the Gentle, the others are Queen Lucy the Valiant, King Edmund the Just, and High King Peter the Magnificent." Susan said.

Thankfully, Mother and Father took the story a lot better than we thought they would. Mother actually believed us, but I don't know about Father. He probably needs to process the story a little more.

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