Lucy's Story

I love Narnia and Lucy is my favorite character. This is a story about Lucy and everything that she goes through after returning from Narnia. Hope you guys like it!!!


4. Home

Saying good bye to the Professor was extremely difficult. We had stayed with him for so long that he felt like a relative. There were many tears as the train pulled into the station. He wished us good luck and we stepped onto the train expecting to never see him again.

"Cheer up Lu. We will see Mother and Father in a few hours." Peter tells me when he notices that I'm still crying.

"It's not just that we will never see the Professor again, it's that we might never get to go back to Narnia. We might never be High King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, or Queen Lucy the Valiant ever again. Don't you guys feel a little sad?" I ask.

"Of course we do. We all loved Narnia and hope that we will be fortunate to be able to go back again and have many more memories." Susan told me.

A few hours later, we arrive in London. The second we arrive at the station, I start looking for my parents. I can't find them, so I start panicking.

"There they are!" Edmund calls out waving in the opposite direction that I was looking.

I turn and see my parents waving at our car. I start waving like a maniac and Susan and Peter join our waving. A minute later, the train stops and we tumble out of the train into our parents' waiting arms, which start hugging us like crazy.

"We missed you so much! We are happy that the whole family is back together under one roof and we are all safe and mostly in one piece." Mother says after glancing at Father and his crutches.

"We missed you too!" Su tells them. "We have so many stories to tell you about the Professor and the house."

"Let's get going home so we can fully catch up." Father suggests.

"Good choice." Mother maneuvers us out of the busy station full of tear-streaked faces and out to the car to drive home.

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