Catching Feelings

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were always best friends ever since kindergarten they did everything together. Well now they are in high school it's all the same they are still best friends but now they are starting to catch feelings for each other.


1. The Story Behind It All


We started off as best friends and that’s all we are, all we were and we were fine with that.


Flashback<<                            Ariana’s P.O.V

Justin and I were both in the same Kindergarten class Ms.Romanos’s class. It was the first day of school I was really shy cause I didn’t know anyone, so when my mom left I just walked to the corner by the cubbies and sat there reading my book. I was really enjoying my book everyone else was playing with the toys but I was always kinda shy. I continued reading my book when I felt something hit my leg, it was a toy car. I looked up from my book and saw a boy standing there. I picked up the toy and handed it to him. I had the guts to say something this was a lifetime opportunity “Hi, I’m Ariana” I said quietly his face lit up you could tell he was shy too he slowly said back to me “hi Ariana i’m Justin” I smiled “wanna be friends?” I asked putting my book down. “yea sure” he said back.

Ever since then we did everything together we were inseparable every time you saw me you saw Justin right behind me. We used to hold hands he let me sit on his lap when there is no where to sit. We were always really close.Every year we made a promise we would sign a scroll that we made in like 2nd grade that said we would never go out with each other, we wouldn’t care what people thought about us, we would always be there for eachother, and that no one would ever come between us. Surprisingly we signed it every year. In middle school everyone would say “Are you guys dating” “You guys are really cute together” “You should go out” “Are you guys a thing” whenever they said stuff like this me and Justin would just laugh. We didn’t like each other we thought it was weird to date your best friend… until now, our first day of highschool.

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