Catching Feelings

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were always best friends ever since kindergarten they did everything together. Well now they are in high school it's all the same they are still best friends but now they are starting to catch feelings for each other.


4. Parking Lot

                           Chapter 6        ariana’a p.o.v

He noticed me blushing and I got really nervous so I just played it off and said I DON'T BLUSH and now he won’t leave me alone saying that I blush. He just parked in the school's parking lot and I’m scared. “I really don’t want to go to school I have like no classes with you” I say as we both sit in the car and just look at eachother. “Relax we only have 2 classes that we aren’t together don’t worry” he said back to me. He always knows what to say. “But what if I get lost in the school it’s huge, or what if I don’t fit into a clique, what if no one likes me, what if the teachers hate me.” I say nervous. “Woah calm down this school is easy to get around in I came here last summer to check it out, and you’re amazing, smart and beautiful. You’ve got the full package of course you’ll fit in everyone will like you just like those football players over there.” Justin said putting his hand on my thigh and pointed to the football players in the school yard hanging out by their cars.I look at the football players and then back at him “Okay Mr.Perfect whatever you say, but you better not hook up with any of these girls without my permission.” I say to him. “Okay fine Ms.Jealous” He said as he got out of the car. I laughed and stepped out of the car. Justin ran over to the football players and started talking to them. I mumbled to myself “Great way to help me find friends Justin, thanks for the help.” I looked over at Justin and the people he was talking to. I swung my bag over one arm and started to walk towards Justin. The football players in their varsity jackets looked over at me and one of them whispered the others just said this like Damn she’s hot or just stood there staring. I didn’t pay any attention to it. “Hey Ari” Justin said looking at me. “Hey” I said back. “Justin introduce us to your friend” One of the guys said. “Yea Justin why don’t you introduce me to your friends” I said standing next to a guy with big brown eyes. He was attractive but not as hot as Justin his hair went up like a ramp it looked like he spent a while on it but it looked perfect. He looked down at me and smiled. Justin said “Well I guess I’ll start from the guy you have chosen first.” Justin looked at him and continued talking “Well that’s Zayn, Cameron, Luke, Louis, Kian, Jai, and Chaz”. I saw the group of cheerleaders staring at me with an attitude, I just didn’t think much about it so I said back to the boys “Well it’s nice to meet you guys” They all just smiled. I looked back to the girls and they were still giving me a look. One of the girl looked at me and cracked her knuckles, another one stuck up her middle finger, and the other one mouthed fuck you. The others just stood there. I was mad. The guys saw what I was looking at. I was about to storm off towards them but then Justin grabbed my arm and said “Don’t worry about them”. I looked at the girls again and a girl mouthed bring it. I snached my arm away from Justin and threw my bag on the ground. I walked towards the girls with my fists clenched.

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