Catching Feelings

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were always best friends ever since kindergarten they did everything together. Well now they are in high school it's all the same they are still best friends but now they are starting to catch feelings for each other.


3. Getting To School

Chapter 3              Justin’s P.O.V

We walked out the door hand in hand and walked to my car. “Justin what if we don’t have any classes together we never checked our schedules.” She asked me with a worried voice as we got into my car. “Well let’s check now” I said back to her opening my book bag and grabbing my schedule from my plain grey binder. The high school sent our schedules home during the summer. This year we have 10 periods instead of 9. I watched as Ariana took out her periwinkle blue binder and took out her schedule. I looked at my schedule and said “Okay so I’ll say what I have for each period and you say okay if you have the same if not said damn it.” she laughed and nodded in reply. “First period- Math with Mr. Henderson” “Okay” “Second Period- English with Mrs. Peters” “Okay” “Third period- World Language with Mr. Willburg.:” “Damn it” “Fourth period- French with Ms. Kiffnerg” “Okay” “Fifth period Lunch with the senior class” “okay” “Sixth period- Science with Mr. LOckwood.” “Damn it” “Seventh Period- Chemistry with Mr. Holderman” “okay” “Eighth period- health with Mrs. Jolly” “okay” “Ninth period- Biology with Mrs. Hannah” “OKay” “Tenth period- Geometry with Ms. Stain” “Okay” I laughed and put my binder back into my book bag she did the same. “Looks like we have most classes together” I said to her. “Yea except those two classes” she said back to me. I started to drive to the school “You’ll be fine, hey look I’ll be at your locker after every class.” I said and looked at her. She looked down and blushed. “I love it when I make you blush” I said. She blushed even more “I do not blush!” She screamed. I laughed and said “Yeaaa sureee”. She shook her head as I pulled into the school’s parking lot.

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