Without You You Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction

"Best friends forever right?"

He couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't live without her.
Neither could she. If only they both knew they've been so close the whole time.

Rocky might just save her life by entering the same guitar shop.

Rocky will explain very detailed
She on the other hand leaves out a few things.


4. Your Back\What is this?



Kaelyn's POV

I woke up about 20 minutes ago, I quickly got up and took a shower. I've decided I'm gonna wear a loose top and jeans with some bracelets and converse. I get out of the house and hop into my car, today I'm meeting Rocky again. I'll finally get see all of the Lynch's. I have to first stop by the music store. You see I've ordered this guitar and everyday I go back to see if it's come in and because I like to check out their newest guitars.

I get a text from Rocky.

"Meet me at the house at 12." I smile and check the time, it's only 11 so why not hang out throughout the city. I park my car in an empty parking lot, and take out my camera. I set up my equipment. I looked out at the beautiful view in front of me. I spent the time taking pictures. This was one of the things that made me smile. Photography.


Rocky's POV

Now I hope your enjoying the story so far. There's plenty more to happen.


I'm sitting down at the table chatting with the band. We're really happy about Sometime Last Night. I hear a car come up the driveway, that must be Kaelyn. I get up and walk out, I see her get out looking lovely as ever. This is pretty big you know after she left  I was left heartbroken, I'd secretly had feelings for her and leaving made them a little stronger. It all took time but I was left lonely.

"Hey Kae, come in." She quietly steps in being greeted by Ross & Riker indulging her into a big hug. Soon after Rydel and Ellington showed up.

"Kaelyn it's great to see you again." Riker stares at her, while Rydel leads her into the living room.

"It's really great see you guys." I smile at her comment, I've been waiting time until I could finally see her again.

We mostly hung out and Rydel and her are gonna talk for a while, so she's staying over. Right now I'm in the kitchen with the guys, when I see a phone go off, I walk over the phone. Oh it's Kae's.

I open up her phone. It's an email from some woman, Katherine James.


We would like to know about your future plans this month. To coordinate the time schedule for your next few therapy appointments. We'll also have your appointments with the specialiste planned out for you and appropriate medicine. Thank You Have A Nice Day.     



Okay I admit it's not good that I read that email, but what can I seriously do. What is this?

I head up to the room, I see Rydel's not there so I walk up and hand her the phone. She smiles at me and I sit down next to her.

"Why do you need to see a therapist." Kae slowly puts her head down and holds her hands. I see her face start to shed a few tears. I sit patiently waiting for an answer.

"You...wouldn't understand." I see her look up at me with the sympathetic look. I'm scared by Ross and all others standing in the doorway. "Kae what is Rocky talking about." Ross looks at me with a confused face. 

She quickly gets up and is headed for the door, Riker stops her making her sit on the ground. Rydel places a hand on her knee.

"It's just something. It's not important." I don't believe her for a second.

"Why would you need a therapist if your fine."

"After I left I had no where to go okay." She continued her words as I listened in closely.

"I stayed at someone's house for a while, and it made me feel lost because I technically was, I had all of you guys and I didn't anymore. Everything that happened haunted me I felt like I was going crazy. So I went to see a therapist. But that was only for a while. Now I'm fine and nothing's wrong." "You didn't need to interrogate me for it."

No one responded to her answer, it became an awkward silence. Now I'm to tired to continue but I'm tried right now I'll tell you the rest later.


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