Without You You Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction

"Best friends forever right?"

He couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't live without her.
Neither could she. If only they both knew they've been so close the whole time.

Rocky might just save her life by entering the same guitar shop.

Rocky will explain very detailed
She on the other hand leaves out a few things.


14. Time to forgive and forget part 4

Hopefully this chapter is long enough so it all fits in with the title. Anyway lets carry on shall we.


Rocky's POV 

The doctor said she's okay. We're keeping her overnight because it's not like going back to the hotel is gonna help. It's a good thing she already had everything packed because we need to leave. And I can't leave her here, for a while she'll be on tour with us. Then she can go. Look I'm not being harsh, it's just if she's on tour with us for the whole thing. The r5 family might imply that we're a thing which we're not. She might get hate for it and I can't stop it. Just look at how long it's taken for the r5 family to accept Courtney. Some still don't like her, I think she's great. The majority of the r5 family is very understanding and are some of the sweetest people you meet.

Rocky: Hey, how are you doing so far?

Kaelyn: Good. 

I sit down on the chair beside her and stare off into space. A few minutes have passed I'm more just physically tired than mentally, well that too.She hasn't responded to my confession but I don't think she will I'm happy to know she's okay.

Kaelyn: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you felt that way and I just left. But that was what was best then, this is now I'm glad to be back. 

Rocky: Don't worry about it. Honestly I was just on an emotional rollercoaster.


I left the hospital, letting her rest. Today I picked her up and brought her with me and we left. On to the next city. She brought her stuff with her obviously. "I'm just gonna head to the front of the bus you okay here?"

"Yup I'm fine." I walk out leaving her in the lounge area. I'm gonna relax for a bit.



Kaelyn's POV 

I'm tired and hungry and most of all confused. My emotions have no control I'm a mess I wish I could say I'm okay, but that's a lie. One of my favourite songs comes up in mind. I remember that I know how to play. I'm quick to grab my guitar I thankfully brought with me. 

I take out my capo and my lucky pick. Yes I believe in luck. If I had my amplifier with me the sound will be better.


I decided to sing. Miracle by JV Project Ft Eric Solomon. Its not a known song but I love this song alot.

"Been on the edge of the world trying to move these mountains 
Since the wind blew you my way 
I knew you were god sent


I never was the one to believe in happy endings 
till you came around me 
I don`t know what you did 
but you got me under your spell 
and I can see,

your love's like a miracle 
I can`t believe how you make me feel 
it's supernatural, 
your love`s a miracle (3x) 
One stop somewhere in time 
waiting for you to unlock me, 
You got me ticking again, 
give me life so I can breathe 
I never was the one to believe in fairy tales 
until you came true 
I don`t know how you did 
but you got me smiling again with your voodoo 

your love's like a miracle 
I can`t believe how you make me feel 
it's supernatural, 
your love`s a miracle (3x) 
You brought me back to life, 
my heart started again 
Turned me into a believer baby, 
You made me see the light 
And you're the evidence I`m not just a dreamer baby. 

your love's like a miracle 
I can't believe how you make me feel 
it's supernatural, 
your love`s a miracle (6x) 
a miracle (3x)"


I lift my head and immediately look back then forward again. R5 and Ryland is looking at me with wide bug eyes.

Kaelyn: Uhm what's...up?

Rydel: What

Ryland: in the

Ellington: world 

Riker: was

Ross: that?

Rocky just gives me huge smile, which is slowly creeping me out.

"I sang I don't know why you guys keep staring. Let me guess I was horrendous." Rocky speaks up breaking the silence.

"Not at all, I had no idea you could sing like that, it was incredible."

"Ahh thanks for the compliment I guess."

Everyone leaves leaving Rydel and I talking.

Rydel: I'm really glad you okay, after I heard what happened I was really shocked. How'd you guys get there in the first place?

Kaelyn: We left the trail we didn't know until after we fell. I was kind of scared but something else made me scared.

Rydel: If you don't mind do you want to turn it into and more personal talk.  

Kaelyn: Sure why not, we haven't really talked that much

Rydel: What scared you. You said something frightened you, well other than the snake.

Kaelyn: I don't know if it's normal for him or not but. He scared me a little and I just wanted to know. Did he actually miss me while I was gone or when I left.

Rydel stared at me for a second before spilling the truth. The one I'd been dreading to find out was indeed true.

Rydel: He did. He missed you alot when you left. It took him the first year but he forgot. I always remembered you, I thought he wouldn't. But when he came and told us that he saw you again, that was a good day for him.

Kaelyn: Thanks I just wanted to hear it from someone else. I'm sorry things aren't like they used to be, I'll make sure to leave in a few days because I'm just disturbing everyone.

Rydel: You're not disturbing anyone, we're all glad to see you again. Yeah sometimes it's hard to come back to what you've left behind, we all are really happy to see you.

 They had to prepare and do soundcheck for their concert. I offered to help but they said no. I just stayed in the tour bus. I found a cupboard  inside a box about the size of a shoe box, the box was covered in stickers of r5 logos and r5rocks. All sectioned into folders inside remained photos, they were really cool mostly from their first WCT and ECT Tours the only ones I attended. The beginning those were great days, before my mind made it's huge realization and faced itself with the truth. 

I remember taking some of the photos and thinking they were gonna go even farther than this, they're slowly processing. 

One image is bright and a little blurry because of the light in the picture, I find a magnifying glass and put it close to the photo. 

I was sitting down beside Rocky the neck of his guitar was by me, he was teaching me how to play one of their songs. If I am correct it was 'All about the girl'. I absolutely  loved that moment tears began to form in my eyes. I truly had forgotten what had made me happy before. I made a mistake by leaving and I felt bad because if Rocky would've ever spoken up. he and I could share our feelings, I need to apologize.


I make my way out the tour bus. Walking in to the arena, passing almost everyone I walk into the lounge/dressing room area. "Rocky can I say something?" 

Kaelyn: I'm really sorry, I'm sorry I didn't think about how you felt. I really am and if I could change it I wouldn't have left I'm truly very sorry.

I'm just about to hug him and pull him into a big hug, also because I really want one. I hug him and his head turns giving me a kiss on the cheek, I'm shocked so I turn my head making it worse. I feel his lips on mine, making my pupils dilate. I pull away covering my face. "I'm so sorry I did not mean that!" I feel my face blushing, just great. I uncover my face and see him looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes, I just stare back. He grabs my face pushing our lips together, a slowly fanfic like kiss is in process. I smile a little during it, I love him I absolutely do. 

Rocky: I think its time to forgive and forget. 

He stands up about to leave the room, when the words just float out of my weird ass mouth.

"I love you." He turns back around and winks at me leaving in the room by myself. 

It is, his love is a miracle.

Did you enjoy it, the long chapter. I don't usually put songs in my fanfic. Thank you so much for 1k reads it means a lot that people actually want to read my story. -gabby



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