Without You You Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction

"Best friends forever right?"

He couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't live without her.
Neither could she. If only they both knew they've been so close the whole time.

Rocky might just save her life by entering the same guitar shop.

Rocky will explain very detailed
She on the other hand leaves out a few things.


12. Time to forgive and forget part 2

Kaelyn's POV

I feel an ache of pain in my arm. I begin to cough, opening my eyes to the darkness in front of me only with a glimpse of light coming from above.

Kae: Rocky you there?

Rocky: ugh yeah.

I stand up with wobbly legs. I find my bag hooked on a tree branch. As rush of panic comes over me. I slowly can't breath and I alone. I'm pretty sure Rocky saw because he came over to me shaking. I was mentally there but I wasn't physically. He searches through my bag and finds my puffer and thankfully able to grab it from his hands and inhale it. How do I even explain how I use it?

Rocky: Come on we have to find a way out of here. ( reaches for her hand)

I'm finally able to control myself and I'm now questioning my existence.

Kae: Come on we have to find a way out of here. 

Rocky: Have to find? There's one way out. The way we got in.

Kae: Okay but I'm not climbing out there. There's no way it's possible. 

I take out my phone and Rocky gives me a weird look. I shrug it off and turn the flash on. 

Kae: I say we walk ahead to see what we find. 

Rocky: Okay I'll go first.

I notice Rocky walking with pain in his legs. I cut him off and walk faster towards what seems light. I walk until I see this small bump on the ground heading upwards. My head moves down to find myself with my deadliest fear......snakes. 

"Hey you found a way out. Way to go-."

Rocky: How are we gonna possible get past it? 

Kae: Hey that might be exactly what I'm thinking. (i roll my eyes and him and his face becomes laughter) 

Rocky: Oh I forget your afraid of them. Yeah there's no way you're getting out.

 I back away from the bump. I slide my back down the wall.  I know how to get past it but I'm to afraid of what's gonna happen to me, who am I kidding. I've been a selfish person my whole life. I at least should help him get out and leave me behind. 

Rocky: Pass me your flashlight. 

I unzip the back pocket of my bag and take out a mini flashlight and toss it to him.

Rocky: I'm getting us out of here. At least you. 

Kae: No if anyones gonna help it has to be me.

Rocky: Just walk past the edge I'll distract it. I'll be fine.

I tried saying no and convincing him to let me do it he wouldn't let me. I begin to tip toe through the perimeter out the exit. There were the trees I had seen before. Beautiful and lovely. Umm give me a second a dash of pain has gone through my shin oww. Let me get back to you on that one.

Hey I don't know if to make this 3 or 4 parts. The title will soon fit in once there's time for them to talk which I know will be soon.-gabby 


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