Without You You Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction

"Best friends forever right?"

He couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't live without her.
Neither could she. If only they both knew they've been so close the whole time.

Rocky might just save her life by entering the same guitar shop.

Rocky will explain very detailed
She on the other hand leaves out a few things.


17. New To What?

Rocky's POV

We're all new to something. I'm just trying to get used to the new. Now I have get used to dealing with guilt. I know I'm right about what I said but not all of it. Yes I'm disappointed in her, but I honestly had no right to say what I said. She isn't weak she's just tired. Tired of dealing with b***shit. People have thrown at her. What I said can't come close to how others have judged her. But that still doesn't make it okay that I said that to her, I've potentially ruined the friendship that grew slowly. 

I pull out my phone to call her. Why not I want to see how she got home and if she's okay.

'Ring ring ring....ring ring ring.' (Rocky talks fast on the phone until after Kaelyn's second response)

Kae: Hey Rocky! 

Rocky: Umm hey, first of all I wanna say I'm sorry for treating you like-

Kae: I know Rocky, it's okay

Rocky: treating you like I did that was so wrong of me. Wait you're saying its okay?

Kaelyn: Of course, I know what you said I know you didn't mean a part of it because the other half is true. I'm sorry to I shouldn't have said what I said.

Kae: Friends?

Rocky: Friends (sighing tiredly)

Kae: So bye we'll talk later okay.

Rocky: wait did you get home okay?

Kae: Actually I'm not going home for a few days I need some time for myself.

Rocky: Okay then, please don't do anything stupid. Bye

Kae: bye.

Kaelyn's POV

(Sounds of gunshots) 

I run quickly, pushing aside a trash can from the echoing alley. Stopping to the bright headlights in front. Shining brightly possibly proudly. 

Sorry for the short short chapter. :)


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