Without You You Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction

"Best friends forever right?"

He couldn't stand the fact that he couldn't live without her.
Neither could she. If only they both knew they've been so close the whole time.

Rocky might just save her life by entering the same guitar shop.

Rocky will explain very detailed
She on the other hand leaves out a few things.


5. I've Never, I don't want to



Kaelyn's POV

Good morning, I wake up to hear talking downstairs. I put my hair in a ponytail and enter the washroom. I wash my face with warm water, and take a deep breath. I slowly make my way and sit down at the table. I'm greeted with good mornings and hellos.

Rydel hands me a cup of coffee and a muffin. I eat quickly and run back upstairs to change and leave. I grab my duffle bag. I just always keep one in the car just in case. I step out and put it in the trunk, I give Rydel a kiss on the cheek. Hey it's not weird between girls. I give everyone a goodbye. I step in my car and take a deep breath. All that did not just happen. Okay maybe it did.


Rocky's POV

I hop in the shower early this morning. I rinse the shampoo of my head and wrap a towel around my waist. My mind quickly forgets everything else. Kaelyn. I get my butt downstairs putting my converse one at a time.

I look around to not see the brunette.

"Where's Kaelyn?" Ross is first to answer my question. "You just missed her." I look out the window I see her car half way down the street. I jog to the car with my phone, keys, and wallet. I back out of the drive way. I yell her name out the window. I see her car then slowly stop three blocks ahead. Did I yell that loud?

Our cars stop at the sidewalk. I step out and open the passenger door. "Hey." She gives me a questioning look as really thats the last thing I want to do. Explain, just pause the scene will you.


Last night after you know I 'interrogated' her. I apologized. Everyone else left the room, things stayed quiet seems like when you've been gone so long. Getting back to how things were isn't as easy.

"Here lets start over." I first I didn't know what she meant but. Yeah that sounded like a great idea. We both agreed.

Kaelyn went up to get something from Rydel's dresser and I saw something I didn't notice before, a part of her arm was bandaged but was covered by her sleeve. Yeah so I just left it at that and went to sleep.





I see her in the clothes she had yesterday. I'm directly focused on her arm.

"What happened to your arm?" She stumbles to answer quickly. I grab her hand and give her a look of reassurance. "Can I." Pointing to her arms, she nods her head. I take out the safety pin holding the bandage together. Unwrapping her arm my own arms start to shiver.

I unwrap her arms to see pink faded lines, but barely notice because of the dark ones standing out of the others. Her right arm is fine but her left is like the smashed iPhone after a test drop. Like the separation between the lines on the musical staff.


Yeah yeah similes whatever I am a song writer aren't I.


"Rocky." I know what she's expecting from me. That I'll tell her to go away or that she's a freak, but no this is my best friend I lost her once I'm not losing her again because of a mistake that's made by many.

I smile at her taking her by surprise, I wrap her arm up again and give her a hug. She doesn't ask anything.


"Kae do you want breakfast?" She nods her head and I sigh with relief. "Great cause I'm hungry." She chuckles and rolls her eyes. I get back in my car and I lead the way as she follows me to a breakfast place.


I've never lost a friend because of self harm. I don't want to.



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