Senior year

Adalie is a senior in high school and still hasn't found her mr.right. Or boyfriend you could say


7. The Date

The Date

Before I leave for Owens how's I text him.

Me: on my way

Owen: okay I'm ready.

I pull into the drive way. I walk up to the door and knock. Thank goodness Owen is the one to answer the door

"Hey" I say

"Thanks for coming" He says

"So what are we going to do?" I ask

"I'm thinking we watch a movie?"

"What kind of movie?" I ask. I hope that he says horror movie because then I have an excuse to hide into him during the "scary" parts. The truth is that I absolutely love horror movies.

"Horror movie" he says and I just kinda smile. I'm so happy that he picked a horror movie! I was hoping he would say that so then I have a reason to cuddle with him.

When we go down to the basement I get even more excited. The basement has a full blown theater set up. There is a huge projector screen and surround sound. It's gonna be great! I go over to the couch and sit down. Owen hands me a blanket and then walks over to the blue ray player. He puts I. The movie paranormal activity. I love that movie. Owen comes over to sit in the couch and we are about a foot away.

10 minutes into the movie Owen reaches for my hand and we hold hands. During e first scare I jump and move a few inches closer. The next scare I jump and land on him. He laughs and then asks me.

"Scared?" And I just laughed as a reply.

For the rest of the movie we just kinda cuddled. I was so excited!

After the movie is over Owen goes to the bathroom. I check my phone while he's gone. There are like 50 text from them.

Crystal: how is it going?

Crystal: hello?


Kalani:come on! Answer

Me: it's great!! Just calm down!

Kalani: what did you guys do?

Me: we watched a movie

Crystal: what movie

Me: paranormal activity

Crystal: did u guys

Kalani: cuddle

Me: I g2g he's coming back

"Hey, did you like the movie?" He asks me.

"Yeah, but you know what... I am kinda hungry"

"How about we get some dinner?" He asks.

"Yeah that would be great."

We get into his car and drive to chipotle. He's car is so nice. It is a tan leather and the outside is a clean black. The whole car is spotless. Not one thing of trash was on the ground.

We get our chipotle and drive back to his house. We end up talking for hours. He walks me outside.

"Thank you" I said. And then he kisses me on the forehead and then says


"Goodnight" I say.

"Goodnight beautiful" and then he winks at me.

When I get into my car I scream so loud. I am so excited. Tonight has been amazing. His eyes are so beautiful when I look at them I get lost in them. How can you not get lost in those deep blue ocean like eyes. Oh my gosh! I can't wait until the next time we hang out.

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