Senior year

Adalie is a senior in high school and still hasn't found her mr.right. Or boyfriend you could say


4. the conversation

The Conversation

After a long night of talking to Owen it was what I thought he was. This was our conversation.

Me: yeah no one really told me that. I knew something was up though.

Owen: I'm sorry. This is kinda creepy

Me: no not really. I'm actually really glad we are talking. But why did you want my number?

Owen: because I couldn't take it anymore. Just sitting in class everyday looking at this beautiful girl and knowing that she isn't mine. You are so smart and beautiful I wanted to talk to you the first day I saw you but I was to nervous.

Me: oh my gosh!

I feel bad that was all I said but I had to tell the girls!

"Look at what he said!!!" I told them. They come over to read it.

" oh my gosh! I can not believe it! That is exactly what you thought too! But why did you only say that back?" Crystal said

I kinda agreed with her. So I hurried to my phone so I could say that I thought the same thing.

Owen: that's all you have to say?

Me: actually no... I wanted to say I had been thinking the same thing ever since I saw you

Owen: okay good

Me: I don't want to be rude to my friends so I'm gonna go now. Goodnight

Owen: goodnight :) text me tomorrow?

Me: only if you text me first ;)

Owen: will do :) goodnight beautiful

I literally screamed so loud!!

"Are you okay! What happened?!" The girls ask. I show them the texts

" aw so cute! Do you think you will date?"

" I hope so!"

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